Nothing can compare to that feeling you get when you pull out a coat or pair of jeans you haven’t worn in a long time only to discover forgotten cash in the pocket! That extra couple bucks can make you feel like a millionaire when you weren’t expecting it. If you enjoy that feeling, here are a few more ways you might lay claim to some unexpected cash:

Search for unclaimed money


Many people write this off as a scam, but it’s actually not. The British government has millions in unclaimed funds. These unclaimed funds can range from insurance refunds to deposits from apartments, closed bank accounts etc. Check out Unclaimed Assets UK to search for money that could be yours. They provide a list of different departments to help you search and retrieve your money for free. You may be asked to provide proof that you are who you claim to be when laying claim on any funds.

In addition, check to make sure you are collecting all the benefits you are entitled to – simply go to one of many benefits calculators to quickly see what you qualify for.

Check the Attic


While the stories of people finding million-dollar paintings in their attic are rare, that doesn’t mean you don’t have anything valuable in your closet. Old books, painting and furniture can fetch a pretty sum. If you think you have something valuable in your collection, run an internet search before you hire an appraiser. You will save a little money if it turns out you’re wrong and you’ll need to learn a little about your valuable object if you opt to sell it.

Thrift shops


While we’re on the topic of old stuff, don’t forget to check out consignment shops for antiques and first edition books. Successful hunters often find valuable plates and dishes that people don’t realize are collectibles.

Check the closet


Consignment shops will often take clothing and accessories to resell. You can get paid for your goods or receive in-store credit. Most shops require that the items be in excellent condition and of high quality. Check around for kid-consignment shops to unload a few of those onesies your little one never got to wear for a couple of bucks.

Check your car and home


You could easily rack up a few dollars or more in loose change from around your home. Empty your pockets, pull off the couch cushions, flip the mattresses, check old purses and look in the ashtray of your car. Don’t forget your desk drawers and the kid’s room.

Look around


If you really want to pick up on some extra cash, look around. Keep an eye on the ground when you walk outside, you’ll often find change on the ground and sometimes you’ll find bills too. If you’re really pinching for pennies, vending machines are a good place to look for forgotten change.

When you are saving up every dollar you have, finding a little extra cash can feel like you’ve hit the lottery. Even a little money adds up over time, so consider grabbing a large, clean jar and tossing all your finds into the jar as you go.

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