We all celebrate success daily, whether you are sending someone an anniversary card or congratulating someone on passing their driving test. But, do you remember to take a moment to celebrate your hard-working team? Your team will achieve certain milestones each day, and it is time to start celebrating their success, because without them nothing would be achieved.

You may think that it isn’t worth celebrating someone for simply doing their job, of course, that is what they are paid for, but it is so much more than that. Celebrating success creates motivation and will drive your team to be even more hardworking than they currently are.

Keep your team energised with these tips to applaud your team’s success.

1 – After work drinks

Something so simple as arranging to take your team out for a few drinks after the working day is done can be an easy way of thanking them. Whether you have wrapped up a project or just had a really busy week. Don’t just leave the office as soon as 5pm hits the clock, but take the time to get to know everyone outside of the office environment. If you are feeling extra generous, purchase some Cuban cigars as these go hand in hand with an alcoholic drink!

2 – Bonus

A thank-you can come in the shape of a one-off cash bonus, or a non-cash equivalent such as a gift voucher. Cash is often the most popular reward and is probably the most expected as well. Make sure you think about others members of staff may perceive it, especially if the company has not handed out any pay-rises for a while. Also, are you setting a precedent for future hard work to be made this way? Always use this reward with caution, but where it is well-deserved do not shy away from using this technique.

3 – Inexpensive gifts

Gifts such as flowers, chocolates or biscuits are an inexpensive way to thank your team. Don’t forgot to think the dietary or allergy issues of your team. Or, if your team is small, look to get personalised gifts for every team member. You do not have to spend a lot, but these will be highly appreciated.

4 – Award ceremony

Have a bit of fun and host an award ceremony, this only has to be done once a year, but it a good way to get everyone together to celebrate everyone’s success, whether it is in a team or individually.

It can be hosted a local hotel, just hire out a meeting/conference room and then get everyone to pitch in and help.

5 – Lunch

Take your team out for a lunch to celebrate a good job well done. By simply taking them out of the work environment will make them feel special. It also gives time for your team to bond over some delicious food. Don’t forget to let them know why you have treated them!

There are many ways to reward your team, and it is truly important that they are rewarded for their hard work and dedication to your business. You may even see a lift in morale and find the working atmosphere much friendlier and more productive through implementing these simple, yet effective, reward systems.

Shaking hands after enjoying a Cuban cigar.

Image credit: Flazingo Photos under Creative Commons

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