There will probably be some points in your life where you consider taking some time off of your career. You’ve establishing your presence and are successful financially and within your intent and professional goal, and your mind begins to wander regarding some options with respect to an extended vacation.


What might be some of the reasons behind this desire? It may be that you need to handle a health issue like an addiction, or your want to prevent burnout and depression, or spend time with your family, or get a better spiritual balance in your life, or even just to simply learn some skills outside of what you’re normally accustomed to.

Get a Handle On a Addiction

For various genetic and social reasons, many people end up butting against various forms of addiction during their lifetimes, and this can be in conjunction with still having a great job. However, if in order to recover from that addiction, you need to take some time off of work, find out if it’s reasonable to discuss the matter with your boss or supervisor, and then do what you need to do to get healthy.

Prevent Burnout and Depression

Too much of the same job can cause professional depression. And as long as you’re set on income, and as long as you’re set to come back to the job at some point, it’s not necessarily a bad time to try and take some type of sabbatical in order to prevent a lower-quality output on your part. Professional burnout and depression are real things to worry about, especially in very stressful or very creative industries. You need that time to recharge occasionally.

Spend Time With Family

If you or your spouse are either looking to have a baby or have just had one, that might be a good time to take off from work as well. Talk to your boss about maternity and paternity laws in your state as well as guidelines within your company, and use that time to its fullest.

Get a Better Spiritual Balance

Sometimes work can be a real drain on your emotional, mental, and spiritual resources. To get back to the center of your life on a more existential level, you may need to take some time off of work to go on a retreat of some sort. There are even times when bosses will recommend this type of thing to employees!

Learn New Skills Outside of Your Job

To learn new skills outside of your typical work environment, it pays to take some time off as well. This might be to do something like go to an extended seminar, or even maybe go back to school to get a further degree in a subject that you’re interested in that will be fulfilling.

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