The list of things you can use as promotional items is almost infinite, so choosing the right one can obviously be an uphill struggle. If you can’t decide, why not keep things simple with canvas tote bags?

Here are just five reasons why you should.

  1. Carries Every Other Item

Go to any kind of event where promotional items can be given out and its very unlikely that you’ll be the only ones taking advantage – that’s why it’s worth taking time to think over how you’ll stand out. Canvas tote bags are a great idea because they’re instantly useable. Thanks to an impressive strength-to-weight ratio, a canvas bag can be used to carry all the other promotional items people get.

  1. Extremely Durable

The whole point of a promotional item is making people see your business in a positive light; give them something that lasts longer than a couple of days and they’re going to remember you in the best way possible. Additionally, your message will spread further and go deeper the longer they have your bag.

  1. Easy to Wash

It doesn’t matter how long your promotional bag lasts – if it’s going to get dirty after a couple months, it’s going to end up going in the rubbish. Luckily enough, canvas requires no special care when washing. People can throw it in with a regular load to have it looking, feeling, and smelling as good as new.

  1. Perfect for Printing

Canvas tote bags tend to hold their shape as people carry them, and they offer a very large area for printing. That’s obviously ideal for you since you’ll want the room to create a statement. Better yet, canvas accepts inks well without bleeding, so you can put together relatively complex designs without having to worry about things blending together.

  1. Nice and Affordable

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, canvas is quite a cheap fabric. Promotional items can offer a great return on investment, but you’re probably still wanting to keep to a budget. Opting for canvas tote bags allows you to do just that.

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