The business world has changed in recent years. With very few holds barred, it has smashed into the digital realm, and it won’t be going back. And that means, if you’re going to be competitive and successful in any industry, you have to get the digital business aspect planned for and coordinated.

To help you do this, consider five pillars of knowledge that you’ll be standing on top of, including cybersecurity, social media interaction, graphics design, brand consistency, and website presence. There are other elements as well to consider, but those five at least will get you moving in the right direction.


The first pillar of digital business to concern yourself with is going to be respecting cybersecurity as a primary need. There are programs like the one at Maryville University that fit exactly this need. If your business has a computer, it can be hacked. If there’s sensitive employee information, client information, or financial information anywhere on any internet connected system, then you have to know how to protect it. This is most likely going to be through a combination of strong passwords, digital encryption, and smart firewalls. Ignore any of those topics at your peril!

Social Media Interaction

Another juggernaut is going to be how well your business works with social media interaction. Your company should have separate Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts, regardless of how interested you are in those functions personally, and regardless of what industry you happen to be in. Plus, interaction on a social level can turn into free advertising if you work the system right. If people talk about what you do and who you are, that can get shared freely around the world, with not a single cent spent by you.

Graphic Design

Developing a strong graphic design presence is another big deal in the modern digital environment. Depending on what kind of media you use primarily, a few very well-done graphics can be shrunk and expanded as needed over multiple platforms. One sure sign that a business isn’t completely professional is if they have a weak, grainy, or amateur looking graphics design scheme.

Brand Consistency

Additionally, you want to make sure that you have great brand consistency. This means that for as many people as you have working independently on your company’s digital output, they all have to be doing it as a team with a consistent message, framework, and overall vibe. Any slip-ups will be noted by the public, and backlash will ensue.

Website Presence

And finally, the core of your digital presence – your website. If you don’t make sure that you have a solid website design, at least for a front page, then you need to go back to the drawing board. Any person that searches for you is going to land on this page, so you need to make it represent you properly no matter what the initial cost.


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