Plenty of businessowners hold back on getting staff uniforms, considering the cost too high and worrying about inconveniencing their team. However, introducing uniforms can boost your business and please your workforce. Here are just five reasons why it’s well worth making the switch.


  1. Builds a Brand

Think about EasyJet. That bright orange colour is a key part of their brand, so they use it to accent their uniforms. You might not be the size of EasyJet, but the advantages of fostering a sense of brand identity remain attractive. Your staff will advertise your business whenever they’re outside work, and customers will be impressed by the sense of uniformity. You can also use branded uniforms to develop what sets your brand apart. EasyJet’s orange isn’t particularly classy, but it’s simple, upbeat, and comforting.

  1. Easy Identification

Look around any kind of business premises and you want to be able to pick out staff at the drop of a hat. When each team member has their own branded uniform on, it becomes much easier for customers to find the help they need.

  1. Tidier Appearance

The appearance of your staff reflects upon your business. If they don’t look their best, neither does the business. Even if your staff all turn up smartly attired, it simply looks tidier to create a uniform appearance. What better way than by introducing uniforms?

  1. Sense of Community

You ideally want to create a sense of community between your staff. A set of people who feel part of a single group are likely to enjoy coming to work and work more efficiently. Fostering that sense of community can be tough, especially if you have a high turnover. Introducing uniforms goes a long way towards making it happen.

  1. Minimal Micromanaging

Finally, keep in mind how much time you or your managers will need to spend keeping tabs on what people are wearing. Again, they might not be wearing something entirely inappropriate, but there could always be misunderstandings or disagreements about company policy. Introducing uniforms removes the risk of any such issues and makes the dress code clear.

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