Fashion by its nature is a constantly evolving field and the suit and tie have seen many changes no different to any other type of clothing. However, it is a pretty undeniable fact that ties have fallen out of popularity in recent years.

Many workplaces are indifferent towards casual office wear whilst others actively encourage employees to ditch the tie in favour of a t-shirt. However, this is not a trend in all businesses.

There are still many companies and industries that will accept a more formal business look in their offices. Keep reading to get an idea of whether you need to don a suit and tie in your industry.


A career in law can be mentally and physically demanding with many working day and night to provide their client with the best possible service.

The nature of the work and the serious cases involved in law means a suit and tie is completely necessary both in court and when meeting clients. A good quality corporate tie will help you to make the best impression when meeting clients and also give you the confidence to perform the job to the best of your abilities.


This is perhaps one of the most corporate professions that come to mind when one thinks about situations where a tie would be seen. The high-pressure position of an investment bank often has a clothing culture of business dress. However, even on the side of consumer banking, a good quality corporate tie coupled with a smart suit will help you get the best possible impression across to your customers.


Many politicians find themselves in positions where they must convey the best possible impression to the public who are potential voters in upcoming elections. Because of this, you will rarely find high ranking government officials wearing casual attire.

Many politicians opt for a traditional corporate tie as it does not come across as too counter-cultural. For most if you are involved in the civil service it is a smart idea to opt for a business dress and a corporate tie.


Teaching particularly at the secondary school level is still rife with formalities and traditional practices. Because of this most teachers are almost obliged to wear a suit and tie and general business dress. Whilst this becomes less imperative at the college and university level of education if you are a primary or secondary school teacher it is a good idea to go for a corporate tie to give the best possible impression to your students.

Find the right corporate tie for you

Whilst wearing a tie will smarten your appearance taking the extra time to find a well-made tie that matches the rest of your outfit will ensure you are looking your best.

The experts at James Morton have a wide range of corporate and printed ties that will provide you with the best possible chance to create the perfect business outfit.

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