As we fast approach the end of 2016, businesses are already looking ahead to next year and beyond. But what can we expect in 2017 from web design specifically?


We’ve caught up with Jade Sahota, Head of Design at Degree 53 to find out what next year holds in the ever-changing world of web design:

Mobile First Design

For the best part of a decade, businesses have been preparing for mobile users and tailoring websites for smartphone audiences.

But in 2017, we expect to see more mobile first design – where mobile isn’t just an “add on,” or something we consider after, but is the primary platform from a design perspective. We’ve seen hints of it in 2016 with more sites launching desktop versions with distinctly mobile feels to them. But as we move into 2017 and see Google go mobile first, we’re likely to see businesses follow suit and begin to design digital assets the same way.

More Bespoke Imagery

Stock images are notoriously cheesy. But when you see the same headset clad person on finance sites, online shopping sites and even travel sites, it gets incredibly inauthentic. Surely by now even your every day web user is immune to overused stock imagery. And if images call into question the trustworthiness or authenticity of your site, it can affect conversion rates too. With that in mind, we expect to see people investing more in bespoke imagery for their websites.

Flat Design

We saw a lot of flat design in 2016 and even the latter part of 2015. But we’d expect to see that continue in 2017, inspired by the simplicity of mobile apps and a user desire for consistency across all digital assets and devices.

Smarter Use of Video

We’ve seen Facebook go auto play on video recently and video become something of the norm. While simply having a video on your website is far from new, we think we’ll see more creative incorporation of video and moving imagery into web design, whether as large background imagery or page elements. Video no longer has to mean slowing your site down and for complex products or services, it can be a compelling way to sell benefits.

Over to You

What do you think? What do you hope we see more or less of in web design terms heading into 2017 and beyond?

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