Any professional security guard requires a security uniform to set them out from the rest of the staff and give them a certain sense of authority when dealing with members of the public. It’s your responsibility to provide those uniforms and decide what goes on them, and you should really consider adding epaulettes.

Most people associate epaulettes with the gaudy golden details added to old-fashioned military uniforms, but modern epaulettes are much simpler. Here are just four reasons why you should add them to your security uniforms.

  1. Professional Image

Epaulettes aren’t as ornate as they used to be – you probably wouldn’t want anything so ostentatious on your uniforms. However, they still make a uniform look better, presenting a more professional image. This is great if you want to attract the best security guards, and it presents a more professional image of your business.

  1. Convenient Identification

Probably the most compelling reason to add epaulettes to your security uniform is that they make it very easy to identify your security guards. Emergency service providers often wear epaulettes on their uniforms for that very reason. Whether your security personnel need to keep passing back and forth through restricted areas or simply need to be easily identifiable, epaulettes are a great way to make them stand out without making the uniform as a whole too conspicuous.

  1. Clear Definition

Epaulettes usually have details woven into the fabric rather than embroidered, and that makes a difference. The level of definition will be high, so you should be able to print out the company name and logo while still keeping things clear. Epaulettes aren’t huge, but there’s more than enough space for all the words or branding you might need.

  1. Easy to Add

If you already have security uniforms and don’t want to go through the expense of buying more, there’s no need to worry. Epaulettes can easily be stitched on to current uniforms.

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