A tie loop, which is sometimes called a ‘keeper’, sits behind the wide section of your tie. When you put on the garment, you slip the narrow end through it to prevent it coming loose. It’s the sort of thing you might forget to include with your order of custom ties, but the simple tie loop comes with quite a few advantages, and here are just four.

  1. Tidier Appearance

First and foremost, a tie loop helps keep you and your team looking professional. Ties can be brushed around as you move or blown around by the wind, so it’s very easy for the thinner back section to show. Some people tuck the thin section through a hole in their shirts, but that doesn’t look as tidy.

  1. Perfect Style

Having the thin section of your tie hang loose is going to look unprofessional. It’s also going to impact the tie’s design. Your necktie should be a focal point, and its design will be crafted to work without anything else behind it. A loose narrow end spoils the style and ruins the symmetry.

  1. Flows Freely

There are other ways to keep the narrow end of your tie coming loose, but they tend to hold it too tight. The wonderful thing about tie loops is that they restrain the narrow end just enough while still letting it move freely, thus helping to maintain a crisp appearance and avoid twists.

  1. Inexpensive

Some people prefer tie clips or pins. These can work well, but they are tougher to use and quite expensive. That’s not a problem when you’re only buying a single tie, but costs can rise quickly when you’re outfitting a whole club, school, or company. Tie loops are very inexpensive, so they’re ideal if you want to stick to your budget.

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