Whether for a hotel, leisure centre, or theme park, if you’re going to be installing a commercial playground then you need to make sure any falls are going to be adequately cushioned. After all, children can be a little reckless and accidents can happen. The traditional choice is bark chippings, and they still do an excellent job. That said, foam padding can be far more advantageous, and here are four reasons why.

  1. Cleaner Appearance

Firstly, bark chippings rarely stay where they should. Kids can throw them around, the wind can blow them across your premises, or they can just be walked out of certain areas. This is a major problem when choosing your playground flooring since having bark chippings strewn around your property isn’t going to make a very favourable impression. Foam padding stays exactly where you place it, and its flat, even appearance creates a tidy and professional look.

  1. All-Weather Use

A major problem with bark chippings is that they don’t work well with rainy weather, which is something we get plenty of here in the UK. If it rains for just half an hour or so, you’re going to find that your bark chippings have become quite sodden, and it can take plenty of time before they dry out. Guests aren’t likely to want their children playing on wet chippings, so you might find yourself facing discontent. Foam will only stay wet for a short period – it is designed to absorb moisture and then dry out swiftly.

  1. More Hygienic

When your bark chippings are sodden, they create the ideal home for bacteria. Even when they aren’t, it’s easy for bugs and insects to make their home inside. This can be a serious issue when you’re dealing with a commercial property, so it’s best to opt for foam padding for your playground area instead.

  1. No Need for Regular Replacement

Even if your bark chippings aren’t distributed about the property or turned into a sodden mess, you’ll still need to have them replaced every now and again. After all, they will break down through heavy use, and that will prevent them from providing proper cushioning. When you opt for foam padding, you’ll find that it lasts for years.

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