If you’ve got a digital agency, hell. Even if you’ve worked in one before, you’ll know that it’s tough to run a digital agency. There’s plenty to worry about, even if you’re not the boss. From the accounts and payroll to marketing and client management and of course, finding new business. Add to this if you don’t get results for your clients then they’re likely to leave and say bad things about you, it’s stressful to say the least.


Well, if you’re the owner of a digital agency or you’re in a position where a lot of the responsibility of running an agency falls on you then we’ve got some helpful ways that should give you inspiration for different ways in which to grow your agency.

Pick a Niche

This is something that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. If you were to pick a niche for your agency then it will allow you to target a specific set of businesses and to position as an expert in that particular industry. A post on Viperchill talks about picking a niche and running with it and this has been proven to work as there’s a number of agencies out there that offer specialist marketing services and SEO to businesses in specific industries, such as: Attorney Rankings who specialise in SEO for law firms and lawyers, and then there’s also Wonderist who specialise in digital marketing for dental practices.

These are just two examples of agencies that specialise in a specific market. They chose that market and they ran with it and there’s tonnes of different niches out there that you could choose from in order to position your agency as a leading, industry expert:

  • Personal Trainers
  • Gyms and Fitness Clubs
  • Restaurants
  • Tattoo Parlours
  • Car Garages
  • Trades People (Plumbers, joiners, electricians etc)

These are just a few of the different industries that you could choose from but the opportunities that open up to you by positioning yourself as an expert at something in particular within a certain industry, are endless. You can target industry specific conferences and events and get yourself a booth there or even go and speak there. This will advertise your business to a whole host of potential clients; what more could you want?

Ensure Your Site is On-Point

This is something that, even though you may not specialise in web design, it’s worth making sure your site is clean, slick, and of course, presentable. The last thing you want is a website that looks like it’s straight out of the early 90s. If your only offering is SEO and PPC, you need to have a site that reflects your business’ values and vision as this is the way that people perceive your company online. This isn’t something that has to break the bank either. There’s literally hundreds of WordPress themes available for free or next to nothing which are perfect to get you started.

Obviously, that’s the bare minimum, there’s so much more that you can do when it comes to getting your site ready and rocking for the 21st Century. One way of improving the look of your site is to go out and teach yourself some new skills. Get yourself a course online from Udemy and you’ll learn some new skills in no-time. This will likely also save you quite a bit of money too.

Think Outside the Generic Marketing Box

This is something that could potentially set you and your business apart from other agencies. Most agencies focus on offering one or all the following services: SEO, PPC, Web Design or Web Development and while there’s nothing wrong with that, you’re in a saturated market. There are literally thousands of other agencies offering these services. From local agencies offering specific area services like Manchester SEO, Birmingham Web Design or London Web Development to the bigger agencies who are targeting the more competitive keywords, you’ll struggle to build up a presence in a saturated market if you’re a new comer.

There’s literally tonnes of other channels available to upsell and become an expert in that you can make the most of and become an expert in that field such as Snapchat advertising, Pinterest advertising and influencer marketing. These are all ideas of some other services you could utilise in order to try and step a little out of the ordinary.

The influencer marketing is an interesting one and is something that is rather new and it only tends to be something that the major brands seem to be utilising but on a local level, an influencer from your area could improve your business massively and with the use of social media growing and growing, like Instagram hitting 600 millions users recently, brands will continue to leverage social to get their messages out to customers until social media is no more because there’s more and more people joining all platforms on a daily basis.

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