The skills and knowledge you gain from owning and operating your own business are invaluable. And while this understanding can make an adult more well-rounded, if learned at a young age, the benefits of owning a business can help shape a future to be much more successful.


For this reason, many people think teaching kids or teenagers how to operate their own business is phenomenal. So to help those parents looking to give their children this gift that keeps on giving, here are three ways you can help your child open their own small business.

Find Something They’re Passionate About

Unlike adults, most children don’t have to worry about finances and being profitable. Knowing this, the best thing you can do when trying to help your child start their own small business is to help them discover what they’re passionate about. Heather Levin, a contributor to, shares that some things that kids love that would work well as a small business include social media, babysitting, opening an Etsy shop, tutoring, lawn care and more. While some ideas may take more work to turn into a business, as long as your child feels passionate about what they’re doing, a little bit of hard work will make the end results all the more worth it.

Help Them Set and Reach Goals

To get the most out of the business owning experience, there needs to be more to it than simply having a good idea. This is where you as the parent or mentor come in. A business can only be as successful as it’s planned to be. Therefore, setting and attaining goals is vital to having a functional business.

When setting business goals with your child, Nellie Akalp, a contributor to, suggest setting goals that are more than just financial. Yes, having a financial goal can be motivating, but it can also be beneficial for your child to have goals regarding what they’ll learn about their industry or business in general. Make sure you write these goals down and revisit them frequently to keep their focus in mind.

Dealing With Money

One of the greatest lessons your child can learn from running their own business is how to deal with money. From raising money, earning money, spending money, and saving money, there are a lot of financial lessons to be learn through small business ownership. recommends showing your child the process of raising money to start a business to help them learn about financial planning, governmental assistance, business plans, future projections and more. These skills could help them in a lot of different times in their life, like when applying for college, getting a home loan, or planning for retirement.

If you’ve been contemplating helping your child start his or her own business, use the tips mentioned above to set them on a track to ultimate success in life.

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