As an entrepreneur, you often end up learning about things that you never imagined you would. This could be anything from how to craft a winning ad to how to fix a leaking AC. The reality is, there are many things that you will learn about because the world of business is so vast, and you never know what to expect. If you happen to run a business that uses industrial tools, then you may have come across an air compressor at some point. Whether you need it to fill flat tires in your car workshop or to clean bricks at your construction company, it should be effective when used in the right way. Look at three basic types of air compressors that you should consider trying if the need arises.

Reciprocating Compressor

The first type of air compressor to think about trying is called the reciprocating compressor. This one uses a piston that’s located inside of the cylinder to press out air. This compressor is also a component of a gas transfer system. These are one of the most efficient compressors as they have the ability to compress gas with between five and ten percent less energy than rotary compressors. However, they are relatively expensive and high-maintenance so think about whether this small difference in efficiency is actually worth it. Additionally, reciprocating compressors can also be very complex devices so keep that in mind too.

Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Another air compressor to consider trying is a rotary screw air compressor which is commonly used to replace piston compressors in which large volumes of high-pressure air are needed. They are typically used for large industrial applications or as a way of operating high-power air tools such as jackhammers.

In terms of how rotary screw air compressors are different from the reciprocating compressor, they use rotating spiral screws which gradually diminishes volume as a means of compressing the air. If you need an air compressor for heavy industrial applications, then this is the most practical one to use. Like reciprocating compressors, it also uses a gas transfer system to operate.

Centrifugal Compressor

Using rotating impeller to transit the air pulse, the centrifugal compressor is ideal if you’re looking or a compressor with cool running pumps, oil lubrication, cast iron construction and a compressor that has a built-in thermal overload. These types of compressors work at a constant pressure, and their performance is affected by external conditions like changes in inlet temperatures. They are especially suitable for compressing large volumes of gas to moderate pressures. You will find that centrifugal compressors function well in oil and gas industries. Some advantages are that they use more power per unit and are vibration free.

As it has been mentioned, air compressors have multiple functions, and all have their own unique qualities. Before making a final decision, it’s best to do a correct amount of in-depth research and think about which best suits your needs as a business.

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