If your retail website doesn’t yet have a mobile version for people wanting to view your product or services from their smartphone or tablets, you’ve got to make those changes so your business can start competing with the rest of the businesses in your industry. For those who do have a mobile-friendly website yet aren’t quite getting the success they want from this aspect of their online business, it’s time to start contemplating ways that you can increase conversion across these mobile platforms. Because of the amount of people who search and make purchases using mobile devices, you can’t afford to not take conversions on this front seriously. To help with this endeavor, here are three tips for getting more conversions on mobile devices.

Simplify Your Navigation

The navigation for your mobile website shouldn’t necessarily be the same as for your desktop website. On a desktop, a larger navigation that shows quite a few pages can be easily manageable. However, the smaller screens of mobile devices need simplified versions of the navigation in order to not overwhelm your visitors. Angela Hicks, a contributor to HubSpot.com, recommends eliminating both the child pages and the footer navigation from your mobile website. This will make your navigation much more user-friendly and will improve your visitors’ ability to make a quick and easy decision to make a purchase from you without having to wade through too much navigation.

Streamline The Checkout Process

Just like with the navigation, the checkout process for your mobile site needs to be streamlined as well. On a desktop, it’s more reasonable to ask for multiple forms of information in order to complete an order than when using a mobile device to make a purchase. The visitors expect this process to be easier and take less of their time and attention. To accommodate this, Rocco Baldassarre, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, recommends doing things like getting the address using a maps plugin or using a calendar to set the right date rather than having to type it in. These measure will all help to streamline the checkout process.

Get A Vanity Phone Number

A lot of businesses lose mobile conversions due to a lack of customer service available through this venue. To help with this, QuickSprout recommends through KISSMertics.com that you try using a vanity number that gives your business more personality as well as an easier way for customers with questions to get in contact with your business. This could be just what your business needs to make that final push toward getting more conversions via mobile.

If you’re interested in getting more mobile conversions, use the tips mentioned above to help you do just that.

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