With over $51 billions dollars to go around the wedding industry each year, according to Bloomberg, it’s no wonder hundreds and hundreds of businesses are trying to break into the wedding industry every summer. However, this industry can be extremely difficult to make a name in, especially if you’re starting from the ground floor. So to give you a leg up on getting a slice of that $51 billion pie, here are three tips for breaking into the wedding industry.

1. Represent Yourself and Your Brand Well

One of the greatest things that can help you in getting into the wedding industry is to represent yourself and your brand well. Before purchasing your product or service, you can bank on your potential customers doing their due diligence to ensure they’re getting what they pay for.


SquareUp.com recommends for business to spend a decent amount of time and money on making sure their website is up to snuff. This includes focusing on things such as aspirational images, testimonials from previous clients, and clear calls to action for your visitors. By creating a website more beautiful and user-friendly than your competitors, you’re well on your way to coming out ahead in the wedding industry.

2. Network with As Many Vendors and Venues As You Can

Making it big in the wedding industry is all about using your connections. But in order to use your connections, you have to make connections.

If you’re a local business looking to work on local weddings, make sure you network with all of your area vendors and venues. It’s also vital that you participate in events such as bridal expos, farmers’ markets and street fairs in order to get the word out about your business and connect with other local business owners that can help to make your life easier down the line.


By participating in local events and networking with local vendors and venues, you’ll not only build up your reputation with other businesses, but you’ll also get your company’s name out to the community. And without both of these things, your business likely won’t go very far.

3. Fill a Need That Others Can’t

With so many entrepreneurs looking to make it in the wedding industry, you have to do something that will set you apart from your competition. One of the easiest ways to do this is to fill a need or a niche that no one else does.

To get you started on this path, Karen Leland of Entrepreneur.com advises businesses to focus on having the highest quality product, service, and process. If your business can offer any one of these three things to your clients, you’ll naturally fill a need that your competitors can’t match.

Creating a successful business in the wedding industry can be difficult. But if you brand yourself, network all you can, and set yourself apart from the competition, there’s nothing to stop you from having the career of your dreams.

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