Even if you live the most responsible lifestyle possible, you can and probably will run into some sort of situation where you need legal assistance.  With the cost of living on the rise, paying for said legal assistance is always a huge question mark in our budget.  Sometimes we struggle to put food on the table, fuel in the car, and a roof over our family’s heads.  Legal assistance isn’t usually built into the monthly budget.  Here are a few tips and resources to help you get around the expense of a retainer.

Internet Assistance

There are tons of websites online that offer cheap or even free legal consulation.  LawInfo offers browsers access to thousands of different legal forms and frequently asked questions on all sorts of topics.  They have legal guides, videos, and a whole bunch of other resources available as well.


One of the many free resources you can find online is FreeAdvice.  They have several forums dedicated to question and answer sessions, and a wide variety of information to read through.  This would be a good place to soak up some side knowledge on whatever legal issue you face.

Non-Profit Assistance

Search for a Legal Aid location in your area.  They provide legal assistance for people who are financially in need through private donors and professional volunteers.  The American Civil Liberties Union may also provide assistance depending on your situation.  They are an advocacy organization that focuses on the individual’s constitutional rights.

Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand
Side profile of a lawyer and a witness on the witness stand

Government Assistance

The United States Department of Justice’s website provides anyone and everyone with a list (organized by state) of free legal services.  They also offer information on how to apply for legal aid and have an opened communication option at the bottom of the page.


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