If you ask people why they decided to order custom ties instead of buying off the rack, one of the most common answers is that doing so allows complete control over the way the tie looks. With that in mind, it makes sense to think of ways you can give your custom tie even more personality by customizing areas most customers fail to consider. You’ll naturally have chosen the colours, style, size, and material, but here are three other customization options you might not have thought about. 

  1. Lining

It’s highly likely that your custom tie will be finished with a plain lining fabric that complements the overall design. However, you should be given the option to further customize the tie by adding your logo or company name along the lining in a colour of your choice. It isn’t an option taken up by many customers, but it can be a nice way to provide a more upscale appearance and set your custom ties apart from the crowd.

  1. Labels

Most custom ties have either no label or a label that gives the name of the manufacturer. For added personalisation, you’re free to have custom labels designed and added. Adding custom labels is a great way to underline the quality of your custom ties, and they provide more scope to control the overall design by complementing the colour of the material with the colour of the label. It’s also a good idea when the tie is meant for promotional purposes, as a corporate gift, or for any other purpose where you want to remind people who it was from.

  1. Presentation Boxes

It isn’t only the ties themselves that can be customised. One of the most popular custom tie accessories is a presentation box. These can be branded in your colours and printed with your logo. Providing a tie in a presentation box gives people a handy place to store it and increases the garment’s perceived significance, so this is a great option for club ties.


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