Anyone can get their cosmetology license and start a beauty business.  What sets apart the successful cosmetologists from the rest, however, is being able to bring customers in and retain them.

Some beauty professionals would claim that salon customers can be some of the most difficult.  Since you are being given the power to alter their entire look, which plays a large role in our society, they can be extremely demanding about how they want the job done.  

Therefore, building trust and executing exactly what your customers want is key.  Here are the best tips for doing just that.

Quality Services

First and foremost, the quality of your product must be top notch. You aren’t going to find many people that are ok with a mediocre job.  This means you must have proper tools and equipment at your salon.  A beautician is no different from any other artist.  You aren’t going to be able to paint the same sort of masterpiece with subpar tools as you would with fine instruments.  Therefore, make the proper investments in high-quality tools for you and your staff.

Your knowledge of your craft must be high and your execution must be exactly what they want.  If your customers come in and ask you for a mohawk, give them a mohawk.  Unless your customer specifically asks for creative interpretation, stick as closely to what they want as possible.  If what they want isn’t realistic, then be honest about this up front.

Friendly Staff

People go to get beauty services because they want to feel good about themselves. Therefore, their experience in the salon should be positive and pampering.  When customers come into your salon make sure that you greet them with a smile and if they are required to wait, kindly offer them something to drink and a magazine.

When your customers sit down for their services, begin to make friendly conversation, and if they seem engaged, continue to let the conversation flow freely.  Some customers prefer to sit quietly and enjoy their experience.  As beauty artists, part of your job is being able to read people about this.  Based on their reactions you will be able to decide whether they feel more comfortable talking or enjoying the silence.

Reasonable Prices

Your prices should be a direct reflection of the quality of the product they are getting.  If most of your stylists or technicians are junior staff and haven’t been working in the industry for that long, then your prices should be fair.

Your more advanced artists can charge higher prices as long as your price list makes this clear. If you special order high-quality rare products, then you must explain in your pricing descriptions exactly why this increases the price otherwise your customers may think you are simply trying to charge more out of greed.

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