Are the Robots Really Coming for Your Job?

The answer to the question of whether or not robots are coming for your job is both “yes” and “no,” and it all depends on what your job is. By the time the year 2025 comes around will your job still be relevant? Will your role need to have evolved or changed completely? Continue reading “Are the Robots Really Coming for Your Job?”

Kick start your companies new approach to marketing

If you own your own business, you may come across a time where things go a bit quiet and you’re not as busy as what you’re used to. This is all part and parcel of owning your own business, as things won’t always go in your favour. It’s important to keep on top of your marketing plan all year round, but sometime you may need to focus on it more than usual. If you find that the financial side of the business is fairly quiet, as well as work, then it may be ideal to focus on how you’re marketing your company. Continue reading “Kick start your companies new approach to marketing”

5 Compelling Reasons to Introduce Staff Uniforms

Plenty of businessowners hold back on getting staff uniforms, considering the cost too high and worrying about inconveniencing their team. However, introducing uniforms can boost your business and please your workforce. Here are just five reasons why it’s well worth making the switch.

Continue reading “5 Compelling Reasons to Introduce Staff Uniforms”

Quick Guide for Starting an Online Business

Have you noticed how rampant online businesses are on social media? Everyone seems to market their product via the Internet nowadays. If you are looking for additional income, starting your very own online business might be the right thing to do. Continue reading “Quick Guide for Starting an Online Business”

Building and Maintaining Good PR

Ever wonder if it is possible to have people become fans of your company? Like football teams, their fans even go as far as to bet on them in sites like Unibet. Do you think there’s a way to get a loyal customer base, not unlike the level of loyalty displayed by football fans, who will always bet on your company for the products and services you present? It turns out there is a way – good PR. Continue reading “Building and Maintaining Good PR”

Is marketing worth the investment?

Google’s Car Purchasing Report in April 2017 showed that £115.9 million was invested in marketing strategies, both online and print, by UK car dealers in 2016.

Of course, car manufacturers have a large marketing budget to hand, which not all companies might have. Plus, with the increased crowd of companies on online platforms, digital marketing isn’t cheap. But is it worth its price tag? Together with Volkswagen service providers, Vindis, we take a look further. Continue reading “Is marketing worth the investment?”

Building your business leadership skills

At the heart of every successful business is a single strong idea. It’s exciting to develop that idea, to work towards monetising it and seeing where it can go. However, far too many people start up in business thinking that ideas are enough, and lacking the skills necessary to build and sustain a company. Most important among these are the leadership skills needed to inspire other people and persuade them to commit to making the business work. This article looks at what those skills are and how you can obtain them.  Continue reading “Building your business leadership skills”

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