London Logistics – 5 Ways To Benefit From Coworking Space As A London-based Business


While London rents are still low, the cost in overhead to manage an office is still very high for a fledgeling business. To compete, many businesses are finding alternative ways to balance finding reasonable office space in prime locations. Fortunately for many business owners in London, the coworking space is the perfect fit out for your business. Continue reading “London Logistics – 5 Ways To Benefit From Coworking Space As A London-based Business”

Top 5 Promotional Merchandise Items in Brand Marketing

Think of modern marketing and you will immediately think of the importance of digital channels. After all, digital platforms, whether social media, YouTube or websites offer companies the chance to reach potentially huge vast audiences, offering affordable scale and reach that many physical forms of print and promotional marketing can’t come close to.

Continue reading “Top 5 Promotional Merchandise Items in Brand Marketing”

6 Promising Statistics About Promotional Items

You might think that giving away promotional items isn’t worth the cost. After all, you’re paying for items that are then given away without any direct promise of future business. However, there’s more than one reason why promotional items remain a popular branding opportunity. When you get right down to it, the studies more than support the use of promotional items. Continue reading “6 Promising Statistics About Promotional Items”

The decrease in adult learning – are we clued up on funding?

Regardless of the evidence which is clearly pointing to the fact that adults who continue learning following the completion of their compulsory education go on to be more productive and live healthier lives, the numbers surrounding mature students who return to education continue to drop. The numbers have more than halved since 2011.

The main reason for this is the confusion surrounding access to funding, even though there are many other contributing factors at play. In an effort together with the Newcastle College uniformed public services department, we further explore the types of funding available: Continue reading “The decrease in adult learning – are we clued up on funding?”

Why can traders not maintain a winning streak in Forex?

Have you ever seen any trader who has maintained winning records uninterrupted for a long time? We bet you have not seen any trader and it is also not possible in an industry where the trends change every time. This article will tell you what the reasons are behind traders losing their money and not being able to win all the time. We know from our experience that people have ups and downs in their lives. Life is like a ride on a roller coaster that is going to take on different journeys every time. It is you who is going to decide when to take control of your lives and start living the life that you have dreamed. Though the trends changes, there are few traders who maintain the winning streak. They also have lost and it may seem that this industry is impossible to win. The truth is revealed in this article and you will know after reading why this winning streak breaks for even the professional traders.

Trading is all about probability. You can’t find any real progress unless you understand how this market works. First of all, you have to understand why the retail traders are losing money. Most of the new traders in the UK don’t know how to manage their losing trades. After facing some big loss they become frustrated and try to recover their loss with a big lot size trade. But this is not the perfect way of trading.

You have to learn the proper art of technical analysis. This will help you to find the best trade setups in your trading platform. As a new trader, you can never make any real progress unless you know the details of your trading platform. So try to think smart and develop a valid trading strategy. Never rely on other people since this system doesn’t work at all. Most importantly keep learning new things to become a profitable trader.

The trends are unpredictable

The first thing that breaks the streak is the volatility of the market trends. The trends are important and traders wait for them to be favorable in their position. Many people have not mastered the art of trading with the trend and place wrong trades. The unpredictability of the trends also makes them hard for people to guess the correct future trends. It is also hard for the professional traders and it is the reason that breaks their winning streak.

The volatility of the market

Volatility always exists in Forex. You cannot imagine what it feels like to trade with thousands of news and information around you if you have not deposited money. Traders always put their capital at risks when they invest and volatility break their winning streak. For the professional traders, they may wait for many hours to get the perfect trend but novice people do not that benefit. They trade in volatilities and changing of the trends lose their investment. The unpredictability of the trend and volatility are not the same. You have time and plan to prepare for the upcoming trends but when it comes to volatility, anything can happen.

Becoming overconfident

Traders become overconfident after some wins. This is why they start trading without their plans thinking they have developed the wisdom to analyze the chart. They do not use the indicators and rely on their basic intuition. Never become overconfident as this industry is older than you. It has surprises waiting for you at every step. All the investors and even the brokers will agree that this industry never stops to surprise them in their career. When they think it has become a boring job, the industry shows some actions that you were not expecting and they have to start all over again. Always be hungry to learn more and this is how you can manage to keep up your winning trades.

Post-GDPR: the dangers of your office paper

Whether you’re a business operating in or outside of Europe, you’ve probably come into contact with the General Data Protection Regulation otherwise known as GDPR. Although this legislation has been enforced by the European Parliament, it will continue to impact businesses around the world that have relationships with European consumers. Continue reading “Post-GDPR: the dangers of your office paper”

Kickstart Your Business: 4 Sources of Funding for Startups

Funding can often be the reason a great idea for a fledgling business never makes it beyond the seed stage. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now, more than ever, startup companies have access to funding globally. However, you have to know how to market yourself as more than just a beginning entrepreneur, since your first impression means a lot.

When you are ready to make a presentation that knocks the socks off of your potential investor, here are four sources of funding for startups to get you…well…started! Continue reading “Kickstart Your Business: 4 Sources of Funding for Startups”

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