The latest high street trend isn’t what’s on the shelves

With online shopping as the norm for the modern-day shopper, the high streets initially saw less footfall. But in 2015, weekly shopper numbers increased by 40% for physical store, and is set to increase by 44% in 2018. The return of the high street shopper can be attributed to the social aspect of shopping, as many scout the stores before ordering online.

But how can retailers embrace this? QUIZ Clothing, who offer a range of going out dresses both online and offline, explore the rise of in-store technology in enhancing the customer experience on the high street. Continue reading “The latest high street trend isn’t what’s on the shelves”

Why should start-ups take advantage of print marketing?

Despite the rumours and the attitudes in the world of business, print is not dead! Whilst many companies are making a transition towards a more digitally focused marketing strategy, they could be missing out on the benefits that still exist for the traditional method of print marketing, as they get carried away with the digital craze. Continue reading “Why should start-ups take advantage of print marketing?”

Making the Right Decisions for Your Business

Running a business means making decisions every day. It’s like being the general of an army – people will bring you questions big and small, not all of them problems, sometimes perfectly innocuous events require a senior decision maker to choose between options, and it’s down to you to use your superior understanding of your business and your market to make the right decisions for your business. A good decision is one that uses the minimum resources to create the maximum impact, while, if possible, emphasising your brand’s values by offering a good experience for the customer or being demonstrably environmentally friendly, for example. Continue reading “Making the Right Decisions for Your Business”

Business casual dress — is it good for productivity?

Lately, there has been a change in what employees wear in the office. At one time, a nine-to-five job was synonymous with a three-piece suit and briefcase. But, now, many companies are happy to let their employees dress in business casual attire or what they feel comfortable in. Is it affecting productivity, though? Black suits retailer, CT Shirts, tell us more: Continue reading “Business casual dress — is it good for productivity?”

The Rise of Ethical Investment

When it comes to investment, making a profit has, traditionally, always been the driving force behind investor’s decisions. Whilst this is crucial to having a chance of success when investing, it is fair to say that many investors are now considering more factors when choosing where to put their money. Continue reading “The Rise of Ethical Investment”

Are the Robots Really Coming for Your Job?

The answer to the question of whether or not robots are coming for your job is both “yes” and “no,” and it all depends on what your job is. By the time the year 2025 comes around will your job still be relevant? Will your role need to have evolved or changed completely? Continue reading “Are the Robots Really Coming for Your Job?”

Kick start your companies new approach to marketing

If you own your own business, you may come across a time where things go a bit quiet and you’re not as busy as what you’re used to. This is all part and parcel of owning your own business, as things won’t always go in your favour. It’s important to keep on top of your marketing plan all year round, but sometime you may need to focus on it more than usual. If you find that the financial side of the business is fairly quiet, as well as work, then it may be ideal to focus on how you’re marketing your company. Continue reading “Kick start your companies new approach to marketing”

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