Signs That It is Time to Sell Your Business

It is not easy deciding to sell your business when you have done everything possible to build it up from scratch. You want to make it work no matter how difficult it is. You know that you have worked really hard to get it to where it is now, and it would be painful to just leave it and have someone else continue running it. Continue reading “Signs That It is Time to Sell Your Business”

Serviced Apartments: A Sensible Option for Business Travellers

Sending employees away on business travel is a necessity for any company. With different reasons for travel, there are also varying costs associated with it. For companies that require employees to travel on a regular basis, the costs can make a huge dent in the operational budget. Today’s economic climate calls for more frugal measures without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Continue reading “Serviced Apartments: A Sensible Option for Business Travellers”

How to dress stylish for an interview

It’s difficult when you find yourself looking for a new job. Often juggling applications alongside your current job and a social life. When you do get invited for an interview, they’re often short notice and soon come around — leaving you with little time to decide what to wear. CT shirts, retailers of suits and tuxedos have provided us with some advice: Continue reading “How to dress stylish for an interview”

The impact of roadworks to a business

Many of us know the frustration that roadworks cause, especially whilst on our way to work. However, for some businesses who rely on the workforce filled roads to get from job to job, roadworks and temporary speed limits can slow down their progression, meaning that they are limited to how much they can get done in a working day as they need to factor in additional time for traffic and disruptions caused by roadworks and temporary speed limits. Continue reading “The impact of roadworks to a business”

How Start-up Companies Benefit from HR Consulting Services

A skilled and capable team is essential for any start-up company aiming for consistent growth. Chances are if you have to focus on managing the business, finding and hiring the right people will take up a chunk of your time as well. In this case, HR consultants come into play. Outsourcing HR services can significantly increase your company efficiency and reduce the cost of human resources, expenses you can channel into other areas of the business. Continue reading “How Start-up Companies Benefit from HR Consulting Services”

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