Time to Hire an Office Cleaner

Whether you require a cleaning service only once a week or every other day, there are cleaners available who perform the work quickly, effectively, and to industry standard without exception. Such professionals are available throughout the year and happy to work a schedule out with you to suit your individual needs as a company, regardless of the scope of the work needed. There are more than a few benefits to having your office regularly cleaned and hiring an outsourced expert will also allow you a number of advantages over hiring your own staff in house. Continue reading “Time to Hire an Office Cleaner”

Business is Becoming about Better Service

It’s quite interesting to look back at the evolution of business in general, but perhaps even more so the entertainment business. Things have definitely changed, however the mindset of the consumer seems to have largely remained the same. All that the consumer really wants, whether consciously or not, is convenience and it is this convenience in the form of better service which has dominated what business is all about these days. Continue reading “Business is Becoming about Better Service”

The key to job satisfaction — based on study results

Most of our waking day is spent in the workplace. Different to a couple of decades ago, many employees do not want to simply go to work, complete their tasks and return home. They instead want to reach the top of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, feel valued in their job position and become an integrate part of the company’s culture. Continue reading “The key to job satisfaction — based on study results”

Are Clean Air Zones another step closer to reaching the 2040 air quality plan?

As part of what they believe will make them the world’s first zero emissions city, Oxford city council have made pledged to ban both petrol and diesel cars from their city centre roads by 2020, with hopes of extending this zone throughout the whole city by no later than 2035. On the back of the UK government’s commitment to improving air quality all across the nation, could ‘clean’ air zones make for just another step closer to realising the target? Continue reading “Are Clean Air Zones another step closer to reaching the 2040 air quality plan?”

Data Collection to File Access: Is Your Business Using the Most Up-to-Date Legal Matter Management Software?

Legal matters produce tons of documents, even over the smallest matters. “Case management” refers to the handling of a specific legal case. “Matter management” is broader and even more complex. Continue reading “Data Collection to File Access: Is Your Business Using the Most Up-to-Date Legal Matter Management Software?”

Taxi Drivers Extinct

As the world becomes more tech savvy and even our homes start becoming ‘smart’, some jobs will be lost. The technology that we are using has brought a revolution to our lives. From apps and devices that can monitor our health at home to the software and services we use in our offices, everything is changing. In lieu of this statement, the jobs that could be worst hit include those of taxi drivers and even journalists. Continue reading “Taxi Drivers Extinct”

Prepping to Join the Catering Industry

As more innovative restaurants have started to take over the streets of the UK, the catering industry is experiencing exponential growth year-on-year. The industry is now learning new ways to handle customers, their tastes and attitudes. We are experiencing a rise in great customer service at restaurants that are trying to bring more innovation in their menus as well as their ambience. Continue reading “Prepping to Join the Catering Industry”

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