4 Things You Need to Know When You Want to Privately Sell Your House

When you’re thinking of selling your home, among the first things you feel you must do to successfully sell the home is to find a good real estate agent. In fact, when considering selling or even buying a home, you tend to feel like you cannot sell your home without a real estate agent.   Continue reading “4 Things You Need to Know When You Want to Privately Sell Your House”

Why Should Your Waitstaff Wear Ties?

It’s becoming slightly less common for wait staff to wear ties these days, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should jump on the bandwagon. Providing ties for weight staff isn’t just about making them look smarter, although that’s obviously a factor – in fact, there are plenty of benefits of adopting the tie. Continue reading “Why Should Your Waitstaff Wear Ties?”

These 4 Financial Mistakes Could Ruin Your Expat Experience

There’s more to moving abroad than saving on your living costs, but a chance to live more frugally while enjoying a picture-perfect lifestyle is always going to prove attractive. Unfortunately, there are several common mistakes that often ruin expat finances. Continue reading “These 4 Financial Mistakes Could Ruin Your Expat Experience”

How to Start a Pool Cleaning and Service Company

While pools are wonderful, they can be complicated to manage and maintain. A pool needs to have the correct levels of chlorine and other chemicals. This chemical balance kills bacteria and other germs while not harming human skin. Pools also need to be cleaned and treated to prevent the buildup of algae. The filtration system needs to be treated regularly as well. Many of these steps are services that people pay professionals to do. With pool maintenance such an important part of safe pool owning, here are some steps that can be taken to start a pool cleaning and servicing company. Continue reading “How to Start a Pool Cleaning and Service Company”


Life’s full of surprises and you never know what may happen next. Usually, these are pleasant revelations (a long-awaited promotion) or touching moments (birth of your child) but sometimes your life may take a dark turn. There may be an accident, a serious illness or death in your family. These difficult situations are quite common and some of them will sooner or later happen to all of us. But there’s one especially traumatic situation that may strike your family – when someone goes missing. Continue reading “WHEN SOMEONE GOES MISSING – A SHORT GUIDE”

Sales Teams and Their Goals: Better Alignment Helps Create Better Results

Many a times, a sales team lead will take the initiative and make really great plans so as to set the ball rolling while also taking pains to ensure that everyone is on board, but only to see the overall effort flag off and stutter to a halt, for no obvious reason. This may well be due to the fact that the sales force spread over multiple regions was not aligned with the same goals and missions. This lack of alignment ends up creating both conflict and frustration amongst team members who may be spread over multiple geographical locations. This happens in spite of the fact that they may have to rely on each other to achieve overall success for the organisation as a whole. Continue reading “Sales Teams and Their Goals: Better Alignment Helps Create Better Results”

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