Tips for trading Gold

When panic grips the world’s markets, when there is fear engendered by war, acts of terrorism, natural disasters, runs on currency, the price of gold always seems to rise.  It has a pre-historic place in the story of the world we live in because most of the gold found in the Earth’s crust and mantle arrived as a result of the impact of asteroids during what is described as the Late Heavy Bombardment which took place about four billion years ago.  Why has gold always provided the benchmark for currency reliability? Among other things it is fairly rare, easy to handle and mint, resistant to corrosion and very distinctive in color.

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Using Forex Signals when Trading

Even after all the research and studying it takes to become a forex trader, it still isn’t always enough to stay on top of the market and make correct decisions when buying or selling. But the good news is that there are signals that can help you analyze the situation and actually let you know when it is a good time to buy or sell specific currency pairs. It is a service that can be either free or for a fee, but probably you get what you are willing to pay for. At any rate, trading with demo accounts is a good way to try them out to see if they fit your trading style and will help you meet your financial goals. Continue reading “Using Forex Signals when Trading”

How much is downtime costing our businesses?

As the saying goes, time is money — a phrase that is especially relevant to businesses. Given our growing technological dependence, one minor misconfiguration or full-scale system failure can lead to significantly reduced productivity — or worse still, complete business shutdown. Continue reading “How much is downtime costing our businesses?”

Why Using the Right Cocktail Glass Matters

It’s easy for customers to shake off the difference between a martini glass and a highball, or a champagne flute and a pint glass as being merely cosmetic, but as a hospitality provider you should know what a difference each type of glass makes. If your bar or restaurant is going to go to the trouble of making cocktails, it only makes sense to use the right tools of the trade. Continue reading “Why Using the Right Cocktail Glass Matters”

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