How Studying At A Business School Can Guarantee You A Paid Internship

We live in a world that is becoming highly competitive when it comes to workforce. Even if you are applying for an entry-level position in any field, you will realise that they require a certain amount of experience. So the question is – how do you gain that experience right after you graduate? Continue reading “How Studying At A Business School Can Guarantee You A Paid Internship”

Could We Soon Be Saying Goodbye to Red Traffic Lights?

Finding yourself stuck at every second red traffic light could soon be a thing of the past, thanks to the Green Light Optimal Speed Advisory, an initiative by Ford and Jaguar Land Rover. Northgate, vehicle hire specialist explores with us whether or not this will really mean the end for red traffic lights. Continue reading “Could We Soon Be Saying Goodbye to Red Traffic Lights?”

Making the Switch over to Environmentally Friendly Construction

As attitudes to the manner in which pollution is affecting our planet in the long-term have begun to change. Providers of waste management solutions for recyclable materials and skips for hire, Reconomy helps us establish how eco-friendly practices can be established and deployed within any construction site. Continue reading “Making the Switch over to Environmentally Friendly Construction”

3 Big Benefits For Cross-Training Employees

Within your company, everyone has a job to do. If you’re lucky and your employees know what they’re doing, hopefully your company functions very efficiently with everyone doing their own job. But if something happens and someone isn’t able to do their job, how would your company respond? Would there be a major holdup that would have to be worked through quickly yet not seamlessly? Or would you be able to pick up right where you left off without even batting an eye? If you fear your answer might be the first, you may want to consider cross-training your employees. To further convince you, here are three big benefits for cross-training within your company. Continue reading “3 Big Benefits For Cross-Training Employees”

Tips to Help Keep You From Experiencing Depression in Your Business

In today’s world, business moves at a breakneck speed. The customer is always right, deadlines must be met, and our bosses are not always the easiest to get along with. When you include the rest of the chaos life throws at us, kids, spouses, bills, and even recreation, the pressure can easily make you feel like the proverbial elephant is sitting on your chest. Depression can set in before you know it. Nonetheless, we must find a way to balance it all and succeed. Here are a few ways to ward off the threat: Continue reading “Tips to Help Keep You From Experiencing Depression in Your Business”

Boost Business With These Helpful Website Design Tips

Building an effective business website takes more skill than simply throwing a few pictures and words together.  There is a method to the madness of web design.  Business websites, especially, have a loose format that has been found to be effective at boosting web traffic.   Continue reading “Boost Business With These Helpful Website Design Tips”

A Brief Biography of George Mountbatten

The Mountbatten family is a European dynasty originating from a branch of the German Royal Battenberg family.

The name Mountbatten, was adopted during World War I by family members residing in the UK as a result of anti-German sentiment amongst the British public. Mountbatten is nowadays known throughout England as one of the noblest names in the land. George Ivar Louis was born on the 6th June 1961, the future heir head of his famed house. Continue reading “A Brief Biography of George Mountbatten”

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