6 Great tips for pension planning

Pension planning can be a minefield for those who aren’t familiar with complicated finance jargon and the complex rules that go with it. So start simple: get to grips with these simple tips then move onto the big stuff. Continue reading “6 Great tips for pension planning”

Boosting Your Bottom Line: The Business Benefits of Power Management Systems

With the US being responsible for 25% of the world’s energy consumption despite containing only 5% of the world’s population, it’s clear to see we need to get a better grasp on exactly why we’re using so much energy.

Whilst many modern homes contribute, large businesses are likely to be some of the biggest culprits of energy usage. As well as being significantly bad for the environment, using too much energy is likely to waste money if not all the energy being paid for is used to an advantage. Continue reading “Boosting Your Bottom Line: The Business Benefits of Power Management Systems”

4 Mistakes Designers Make With Modern Offices

Office designers create hugely functional and attractive modern working spaces, but they do not always get it completely right. There have been some high-profile examples of how office designers have missed the mark and created spaces which are not really fit for purpose. Here are some examples of the things not to do when designing a modern office. Continue reading “4 Mistakes Designers Make With Modern Offices”

How to improve your success rate when seeking a start-up loan

What can you do to be a more convincing prospect?

Getting finance for a great business should, in theory, be a piece of cake. However, there are many, many tales of entrepreneurs and start-up owners who have really struggled to get their business off the ground. Start-up loans are a solid option for businesses seeking early finance and can provide you with that all essential initial capital to start building your brand. But you may not succeed every time. If you’re looking to improve your chances with start-up loan lenders then there are a few ways to help you get approved. Continue reading “How to improve your success rate when seeking a start-up loan”

Confused About Debt Consolidation Loans?

If the idea of debt consolidation both appeals to you and confuses you at the same time, research suggests you’re far from in the minority. The truth is, pretty much every modern consumer lives with some form of debt in their lives – mortgages, credit cards, personal loans, hire-purchase and so on. Getting by 100% debt-free just isn’t a realistic possibility for most. Continue reading “Confused About Debt Consolidation Loans?”

4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Playground Should Use Foam Instead of Bark Chippings

Whether for a hotel, leisure centre, or theme park, if you’re going to be installing a commercial playground then you need to make sure any falls are going to be adequately cushioned. After all, children can be a little reckless and accidents can happen. The traditional choice is bark chippings, and they still do an excellent job. That said, foam padding can be far more advantageous, and here are four reasons why. Continue reading “4 Reasons Why Your Commercial Playground Should Use Foam Instead of Bark Chippings”

Why London Is a Favorite Destination for Start-Up Business

Image Credit : Pixabay

Though it is developing later than Silicon Valley, London is a major center for entrepreneurs and leads Europe in start-ups. The vibrant city full of culture and origination assists companies with getting off the ground and creating viable business opportunities. Continue reading “Why London Is a Favorite Destination for Start-Up Business”

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