How Vauxhall Took on the Business Exec Car Market

When you think of business cars, it’s unlikely Vauxhall will immediately pop into your head. Other brands such as Audi, BMW and Mercedes are well-established in the business world, delivering a powerful, professional image. However, in recent years Vauxhall has been gaining an impressive reputation as a company car leader. Continue reading “How Vauxhall Took on the Business Exec Car Market”

Start-Up Business Ideas for Engineers

As a qualified engineer, you have an in-demand and specialist skill-set. While you can use this to find a great employed position, why not consider the freedom and benefits of starting your own entrepreneurial venture? Continue reading “Start-Up Business Ideas for Engineers”

How to Search for Domain Name Ideas

Whether you are looking to launch an online business or if you want to build a personal website, conducting a domain search is necessary to help with getting your website into the top search engines available today. Registering a domain not only improves your ability to be found within search engines, but also helps to solidify your name, brand, and credibility if you are looking to start a new profession or boost your company’s name awareness. Continue reading “How to Search for Domain Name Ideas”

Vehicle Finance Demystified

With more than 40 questions commonly asked about vehicle finance on the consumer insight portal Answer The Public along with an average monthly search volume of 590 queries per month on Google, it’s pretty clear that there’s plenty of interest around vehicle finance.

Vehicle hire specialist Long Term Van Hire helps us better understand the subject by working through the answers to five key questions around vehicle finance: Continue reading “Vehicle Finance Demystified”

5 Ways To Lead Your Business To Success

Leading a business, whether large or small, is a dutiful job.  There are many aspects of the business that rely heavily upon the leadership in place.  Without a flexible and resourceful leader, many businesses fall quickly from the market and end in financial ruin.  Do not accept this fate.   Continue reading “5 Ways To Lead Your Business To Success”

The Best Start-Up Business Options Today

There’s perhaps never been a better time in history to start a business than right now and the best options are those which point to an online business. Nearly twenty years on from the .com bubble boom-bust, the online space has established itself into a rather stable market where sanity seems to prevail all round, generally. There are still some minor issues still to be ironed out I guess, but the World Wide Web as it exists today is perhaps the best tool with which to start a business. Continue reading “The Best Start-Up Business Options Today”

5 Skills Important for Students and Businesspeople

There is a lot of crossover when it comes to the skills that you have to know as a student or as a professional businessperson. In fact, many of the same ways that you succeed while you’re learning whatever your career is going to be inside of your scholastic journey, you can also pick up valuable information about what makes a business make it in the world or not. Continue reading “5 Skills Important for Students and Businesspeople”

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