4 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2017

As we fast approach the end of 2016, businesses are already looking ahead to next year and beyond. But what can we expect in 2017 from web design specifically? Continue reading “4 Web Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2017”

Tips for Women in the Business World

 Business remains a male-dominated field. Although real changes for women have occurred, these changes are, more or less, incremental. Of course, women are just as capable as men, but women face challenges on many fronts. For example, they may be perceived as bossy or rude while a man with the same behavior is considered assertive. Here are a few tips that should help women who want to get ahead and stay ahead in business. Continue reading “Tips for Women in the Business World”

6 Ways to Cut Down Costs in Your Business

There aren’t many business owners who wouldn’t like to save money and boost cash flow. In fact, being strapped for cash is one of the primary struggles of small businesses, and this can result from such things as rapid growth to poor management. While increasing sales is one way to step up cash flow, it’s not always that simple. Most businesses find that cutting costs is both a quicker and more reliable method of increasing cash in a business. Continue reading “6 Ways to Cut Down Costs in Your Business”

Using Technology to Improve Customer Engagement

When it comes to improving customer engagement and building a better relationship with your customers, technology can play a very important part. Today, technology is a key component of finding and buying new goods and services, and digital marketing has becoming something that no business can do without. With technology at the heart of building brand-customer relationships and encouraging customer loyalty, we’ve listed some of the best ways that you can harness modern tech to improve your business. Continue reading “Using Technology to Improve Customer Engagement”

Studies Suggest Reusable Bags the Most Effective Promotional Items

Whether you’re a university preparing for an open day, a small business heading to a trade fair, or a shop that likes to engage with customers, you’ve probably thought a lot about promotional items. Giving something away for free really pays dividends when you do it right; the perfect item is used frequently afterwards, providing a constant reminder of your services. Continue reading “Studies Suggest Reusable Bags the Most Effective Promotional Items”

Successful Pro-Gambler Secrets Revealed

As fascinating as it is to learn of the exploits of people who actually make a living as professional gamblers, it isn’t a reality that’s totally out of reach for those willing to put in the time and effort, and of course, the money. Being in business exposes you to so many different types of people and situations, one of which I had the pleasure of exploring was that of a professional gambler who was willing to share her “secrets.” I totally believed she was sincere because she brought it all down to being a numbers-thing, not so much a matter of being lucky and always winning bit jackpots. Continue reading “Successful Pro-Gambler Secrets Revealed”

Tips For Staying Motivated

It’s easy to get excited about a project and get carried away quickly, burning the candle at both ends.  So often people forget to pace themselves and get excited initially and burn out too soon.  It’s all too familiar with a story, just like the Tortoise and The Hare  Slow and steady always wins the race. Continue reading “Tips For Staying Motivated”

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