You need to get yourself a prepaid Card, and here’s 6 reasons why

  1. You don’t need to pass a credit check!

For anyone with bad or no credit, it can be a real hassle trying to get a credit card. Credit card companies make you go through a lengthy application process, and if you don’t pass, you get absolutely nothing. On the other hand, almost all prepaid cards don’t require a credit check, meaning that virtually anyone can easily get their hands on one.
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Email – The Silent Killer?

Estimates suggest that there are around 150 million emails sent every 60 seconds. That’s over 90 billion every hour, and more than 200 billion every day. That’s an incomprehensible amount of information, and it’s no wonder that millions of inboxes are full-to-bursting with messages. Continue reading “Email – The Silent Killer?”


Ask most managers what their top priorities are for their direct reports and I would be hugely surprised if the word ‘happiness’ appeared anywhere on a list littered with words like ‘productivity’, ‘creativity’ ‘target-orientated’, ‘efficient’ etc. Continue reading “HAPPINESS AT WORK”

Tweets are getting longer – but does that change anything?

Tom Basgil explores whether or not Twitter’s biggest change to the platform to date really is a game changer.

Recently, Twitter announced one of its biggest changes to the platform – more characters. We don’t know when this will happen, but we can bet that it’ll be before the end of 2016. The move will shake up a platform built for SMS messages before the iPhone even existed. Continue reading “Tweets are getting longer – but does that change anything?”

Why team building is so important

Employees are the lifeblood of any business and investing in your workforce will ensure you have the skills to drive your company forward. Continue reading “Why team building is so important”

5 Body Language Tips Followed by Successful People

Is body language really that important in the business world? Most successful people would say absolutely. So how is that body language is so important? Continue reading “5 Body Language Tips Followed by Successful People”

5 Ways to Get More Online Discounts

Going shopping online? Special holiday sale days and end of season sales are not the only ways you can grab huge discounts on your purchases! Just as there are limitless shopping opportunities on the internet, there are just as many ways to save on them! Continue reading “5 Ways to Get More Online Discounts”

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