What to Do With Your Legal Qualification Abroad

A qualification in the legal field is perhaps one of the safest routes you could ever go if you wanted to make sure you’ll have job, or a means through which to generate an income by freelancing perhaps or eventually going on to open up your own legal practice. Depending on how good you are and perhaps depending on your track record as well, as a legal practitioner you are almost at complete liberty to charge whatever you want by way of consultation fees. Some of the best criminal lawyers for instance charge as much as £5,000+ per day in legal fees to represent their clients, but lawyers operating in this bracket usually only cater to the high profile cases of high profile clients. Continue reading “What to Do With Your Legal Qualification Abroad”

The Tax Man Wants His Cut of Your Lottery Winnings

They like to call him “Unlce Sam” over in the United States, but whatever name you have for him, the taxman pretty much wants to scrutinise every last bit of your financial affairs with the aim of seeing just what he can lay claim to out of it all. Actually no, what he wants is for you to scrutinise your own financial affairs, perhaps even with the help of an auditor, accountant or tax practitioner, and then declare what you owe to him in line with the tax laws you’re governed by. Continue reading “The Tax Man Wants His Cut of Your Lottery Winnings”

Why You Can Be Riskier With Money

Risk. Just the word can cause anxiety in some people. The thought of being risky in any way in their life, whether it’s in their business or their money, can cause them to feel nervous and unsure. We’re taught from an early age that risk is inherently bad in many instances, but is that true? Continue reading “Why You Can Be Riskier With Money”

10 Things to Consider if You Want to Start a Business

If you want to start a company, be your own boss and join the ranks of successful entrepreneurs, it requires a solid business idea, lots of hard work and a fair amount of luck. There are risks and challenges, but the potential payoff is worth if for many people. Success is built on putting thought and research into the idea long before you even get a business license. Here are several important things to consider before you open the doors to your new company. Continue reading “10 Things to Consider if You Want to Start a Business”

Outsourcing Your Writing Tasks for Increased Productivity

Getting ahead in the corporate world today is not quite require what it used to entail, so too the academic world. You require a different set of skills than what was previously the norm if you want to climb the corporate ladder, if that is indeed what you aspire to do. Technology and the various ways through which it is growing and evolving has us having to keep up in a number of different ways, from our IT skills to something like our writing skills. The required changes are often just geared towards the content though, but it can still get a bit too much to properly keep up with and stay on top of. Continue reading “Outsourcing Your Writing Tasks for Increased Productivity”

Why You Need Accountancy Training When Running a Small Business

As a business owner, accounting and tax should be something which is very important to you. Correct bookkeeping, accounting and tax returns is absolutely vital to the success of your company, and keeping good financial records and ensuring that your business is fully compliant with tax laws and regulations is crucial to development, growth, success and reputation. For many business owners, it’s a lot cheaper to go down the path of looking after their own business accounts. But, even if you plan to hire a professional accountant to help with the financial department of your company at some point, getting accountancy training can definitely pay off. Continue reading “Why You Need Accountancy Training When Running a Small Business”

Checklist to Starting One’s Own Business

Any business start-up requires a lot of careful planning, and as any business expert will confirm, the planning stage will determine whether the business is ultimately successful or not. AS there will be a considerable investment of both time and money, it is essential to cover every possibility, and eliminate as many risks as possible, before starting to trade. Here is a checklist to help ensure that the business takes off, as one would hope. Continue reading “Checklist to Starting One’s Own Business”

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