Manish Chande: a success story

“It can take years to build integrity but one small slip and it’s gone. A major error of judgement can be forgiven – a lapse of integrity never.” Continue reading “Manish Chande: a success story”

How to Become a Successful Driving Instructor

Becoming a driving instructor is one of the most profitable self-employed ventures out there. Young people are always in need of driving lessons, which are essential to passing the practical driving test and becoming a fully qualified driver in the UK. Because of this, driving instructors are always in very high demand, with more and more people choosing to opt for a qualified and experienced instructor rather than learning to drive with a friend or a family member. If you are a good driver and enjoy teaching others new things, starting your own business as a driving instructor could be a great new career option. Continue reading “How to Become a Successful Driving Instructor”

Helpful Tips For Improving Your Twitter Marketing Strategy

Even though not as popular as its sibling, Twitter still has a lot of potential when it comes to marketing. If we’re only considering the fact that there are over 120 million unique visitors every month ( you understand why it’s a great way to find people who might be interested in your niche. This is one of the reasons why marketers are trying hard to create engaging and creative campaigns. Continue reading “Helpful Tips For Improving Your Twitter Marketing Strategy”

5 Ways to Increase Your Business’ Reputation

Whether your business has suffered from a recent setback that resulted in its reputation faltering or you simply want to ensure that your brand is always recognised as one with a solid reputation, there are several great ways that you can increase your company’s reputation with surprising ease. Continue reading to learn about five strategies that you can begin implementing today.  Continue reading “5 Ways to Increase Your Business’ Reputation”

Assets and Expenses: Small Business Money Smarts for the Budget-Challenged

Business owners struggle with the same things everyone else does. One of the biggest challenges is financial. Here’s how savvy business owners manage their money. Continue reading “Assets and Expenses: Small Business Money Smarts for the Budget-Challenged”


It is a just act that you receive the payment at the end of the month every month of the year as agreed upon by the employee and the employer at the time of joining the firm or any organization or institution. Many of the employers are quite regular at paying their employees the rightful pay that they deserve and apart from that they also add bonus to the salary as and when the employee has reached a new target or some excellent job of the sale. As far as the financial world goes, the most certain aspect or characteristic of finance or money is that it carries the risk of uncertainty. When you want to get what is due to you in the absolute sense, and then it becomes very essential that you decide on how to make the right move so that you can avail the money that you have yet to claim so as to make good use of it in the future either yours or your kids. Continue reading “IT IS BETTER TO GET HELP!”

Project Estimation – How it can be simplified?

Project Estimation is one of the major aspects of Project management. You cannot work on the project without a proper estimation in terms of the resources and cost. You will have no targets and no cost limits without estimation. Estimation sets the limits to your resources including employees, cost and time to be utilized for a project. It gives the clients a rough idea of how much effort is required to complete a project under the current circumstances. As far as the contractor or the organization is concerned it is the base for determining the cost of the project, the time required for completion and the number resources required to be allotted to the project for timely completion. These form the basis for quoting the final rates to the client and the benchmark based on which the project will be planned and executed. Continue reading “Project Estimation – How it can be simplified?”

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