How can you be successful in customer service?

In today’s world, customer service is as important as ever. If there is a problem with a particular product or service, the frustrated customer is very likely to go online or lift the phone to speak to someone who can help them; that someone is very likely to be a customer service assistant.

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Stock Market: Basics Explained

Do you know what is that one mistake which newbie traders (in the stock market) often end up committing? They often enter the market without understanding how it functions. This popular tendency is directly attributable to these traders’ eagerness to join the market. Ironically, traders who fail in the market often end up blaming their brokers for allegedly rigging their trades. They often fail to realize that it is their own half-baked knowledge about the market that leads them nowhere. So, if you see yourself as a stock market trader in the near future then make sure you are actually making yourself aware of the nuances of the stock market before you start trading. Hope we can help you with the same. So, make sure you are actually going through the post in order to be duly informed in this regard. Continue reading “Stock Market: Basics Explained”

International Market Development: Strategic Steps for Maximizing Profit and Minimizing Risk

You want to expand into a foreign country. There’s just one problem: how do you do it strategically? Many companies that leave domestic operations or try to move outside of their marketplace don’t make it. Here’s what you need to do differently than everyone else.

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The Importance of Reducing Staff Turnover

Staff turnover relates to employees leaving their jobs and being replaced, and it’s a key area of concern for managers and business owners alike. Having a low staff turnover is usually linked to high morale, high productivity and strong levels of motivation among employees, whereas a high level of staff turnover is conversely linked to low morale and low productivity. Continue reading “The Importance of Reducing Staff Turnover”

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