Wonga expands their global presence

The finance firm Wonga has been entering fresh new territory over recent years, offering services to people across a number of different countries. The Wonga Group Limited is best known for its short-term loans and acquired the Spanish payday lender Credito Pocket in 2013, marking its first overseas purchase and launching its own brand in Spain. The firm already has international presence in several overseas countries including Canada, South Africa and Poland. Recently the company has launched a product for businesses called Pay Later, which enables customers to borrow cash to buy products and services online. Continue reading “Wonga expands their global presence”

How to Reduce Personal Debt

Do you lie awake at night wondering how you’re possibly going to pay down the debt you’ve accumulated?  Blurring the lines between want and need has been the reason so many people are in debt over their heads. This can cause an enormous amount of stress. The debt might be a result of over spending, medical bills or loss of a job. After you eliminate your debt, continue on your new austerity plan until you’ve accumulated at least three months of living expenses in one account.    Follow these recommendations from financial experts to reduce existing debt and keep from adding additional debt.

Continue reading “How to Reduce Personal Debt”

Employee Monitoring: The Very Life of Your Business May Depend on It

In this global age, the odds of surviving a tough competition and keeping the business running aren’t that great, a fact that is strongly supported by statistics as well. According to an article by Forbes, eight out of ten businesses fail. Some sources even go as far as suggesting that a vast majority of businesses shut down before reaching their first anniversary. To minimize the risk of meeting this fate, it’s important for you to make the most out of your available resources, especially employees. Continue reading “Employee Monitoring: The Very Life of Your Business May Depend on It”

Getting Your Business on its Feet through Rental Spaces

While owning your own property on which you would conduct your business is a great way for you to build its equity, sometimes this is just too expensive especially if your business is just a start-up. This is why leasing properties and spaces, such as renting a rental property on McGrath, is becoming more and more popular for new businesses. Continue reading “Getting Your Business on its Feet through Rental Spaces”

Business Tips for Non-Business Majors

What do you do if you have a great product and marketing ideas, but no clue how to run a business? It’s wonderful to be on fire with an entrepreneurial vision, but you must ground it with practical skills to make your dreams come true. Continue reading “Business Tips for Non-Business Majors”

How to Cut Costs for your Company

 As a business owner, looking for new ways to cut costs is always a priority. From reviewing areas where you’re over spending to changing suppliers and cutting back, there are so many ways that you can cut costs when you take the time to think about it. Here’s a few money saving ideas that might help to get you started making some savvy savings: Continue reading “How to Cut Costs for your Company”

How Web Hosting Companies Are Becoming Greener

With the very real threat of climate change already taking its toll all over the world, more consumers and businesses are taking steps to lead greener lifestyles. And there are many web hosting companies that are actively working towards becoming greener, as well as others who are already running a green company in order to consume a lot less energy as they work to maintain the websites of all of their clients. Continue reading “How Web Hosting Companies Are Becoming Greener”

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