What is the difference between trading and investing?

To someone who is new to trading and investing, they can sometimes be seen to be the same thing; both are methods of attempting to make a profit, however their methodology is very different. It should be noted that neither are guaranteed to make a profit, and unfortunately sometimes you can run at a loss. The fundamental difference is in relation to the actual ownership of assets Continue reading “What is the difference between trading and investing?”

New Thoughts on Mobile Device Management [Infographic]

There are plenty of reasons why the traditional American workplace is undergoing upheaval. You can see this in reports of talent shortages, lack of millennial loyalty to any given employer, and big changes in employer-sponsored healthcare. One factor that’s less buzzworthy, but no less important or transformative, is personal mobile device use within the workplace.

Continue reading “New Thoughts on Mobile Device Management [Infographic]”

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