Best Payment Gateway for International Transactions

Sometimes businesses need advice about how to go about accepting international transactions, but find that most of the advice out there on the internet pertains to domestic transactions only. That’s why this blog post is going to look at how you can go about accepting international payment from customers all over the world. This will greatly help to increase your customer base, particularly as the world continues to “shrink” thanks to technology and increased shipping speeds. Let’s take a look at how to accept international transactions as well as how to get a free credit card machine. Continue reading “Best Payment Gateway for International Transactions”

Money Saving Tips for Parents for Christmas and the Weeks After Christmas

Parents have it tough at Christmas time. They must keep up with the expectations of their children and they should do it without destroying their bank accounts. We have some money saving tips that will help you save for this Christmas and some clever tricks to make sure you save money next Christmas. If you are looking for last minute Christmas tips and ideas then our friends at Alexander & Co chartered accountants have put together a list of tips to help you over the busy christmas period.

  Continue reading “Money Saving Tips for Parents for Christmas and the Weeks After Christmas”

Tips For Finding Good Employees

When it comes to finding a good employee, sometimes it can be more difficult than it is a breeze.  Many employees can come on board seeming incredibly enthusiastic and qualified only for you to discover a few short weeks or months later that they simply weren’t a good fit.

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Do This, Not That: Key Things You Need to Know About International Business Travel

It can be exciting to plan an overseas business trip, but it can also involve a greater degree of planning than domestic travel. From making sure that your passport is valid for long enough to making sure the visas arrive in time, getting enough cash to see you through the trip (countries such as Germany aren’t very comfortable with cards), and making sure you have all your shots, there’s a lot of work involved. What you don’t need is to add a bunch of avoidable problems to your list. What follows are services for the international business traveler that help make life easier. Continue reading “Do This, Not That: Key Things You Need to Know About International Business Travel”

3 Ways to Grow & Scale Your Digital Agency

If you’ve got a digital agency, hell. Even if you’ve worked in one before, you’ll know that it’s tough to run a digital agency. There’s plenty to worry about, even if you’re not the boss. From the accounts and payroll to marketing and client management and of course, finding new business. Add to this if you don’t get results for your clients then they’re likely to leave and say bad things about you, it’s stressful to say the least.

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5 ways to celebrate success with your team

We all celebrate success daily, whether you are sending someone an anniversary card or congratulating someone on passing their driving test. But, do you remember to take a moment to celebrate your hard-working team? Your team will achieve certain milestones each day, and it is time to start celebrating their success, because without them nothing would be achieved. Continue reading “5 ways to celebrate success with your team”

Four Rising Alternative Careers For 2017

Entrepreneurial efforts in the world have been on the rise for many years.  Individual success and self-motivated business management have changed the way we think of business.  With a plethora of media outlets like YouTube, Facebook, and the internet in general, the opportunity to generate self-made income is boundless.  

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