3 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today

For many businesses, a goal that can help increase sales, brand awareness and overall metrics is getting more visitors to your website. However, the well can appear to easily run dry after you’ve convinced yourself that you’ve exhausted all your options for acquiring new visitors. Continue reading “3 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic Today”

How to Improve Business Security

For any kind of business, security should be a top priority. Whether you store your client’s personal information server side or keep your inventory on your own premises, as a business owner it’s your responsibility to protect these assets. Different kinds of companies will be better suited to certain kinds of measures, but all of them will benefit from understanding the basics of business security. Continue reading “How to Improve Business Security”

How to Christmas Up Your Business For… Well, Christmas

We are now officially in the Holiday Shopping Season – capitalized, as this time of the year represents a period of larger sales for many businesses of the world. ‘Tis a time for promotions to attract more of your customers’ money toward your business, a time for a last hurrah before closing up for the year, sitting back and treating yourself with mulled wine and your favorite casino games. And it is time to communicate the Christmas spirit toward your partners and customers through all the channels – and show them you care. Continue reading “How to Christmas Up Your Business For… Well, Christmas”

Office Party Etiquette Simplified!

It’s that time of year once again, when you can get drunk in front of your boss. Photocopy body parts and flirt with your colleagues… its Christmas party season! Continue reading “Office Party Etiquette Simplified!”

Why Documenting Your Start-Up’s Progress-Records is Important

It’s been extensively taught as part of the engineering curriculums in many higher education learning institutions, that businesses, companies, start-ups and other ventures should have their progress documented with as much detail as possible. If you are indeed operating a start-up, keeping records of all your progress is just about as important as getting the core work done. Continue reading “Why Documenting Your Start-Up’s Progress-Records is Important”

Why Buying Local Matters

Have you ever noticed how communities and neighbourhoods tend to define themselves or get defined by how “prosperous” their residents collectively appear to be? It may not be all too obvious at first thought, but if you know exactly what to look out for, you’ll catch it in even the subtlest of communications. Continue reading “Why Buying Local Matters”

Basic Technical Skills Every Business Owner Should Have

Most business owners start out running their entire business all by themselves, which is a period in your life that can make for some exciting but very demanding times. The first few minutes of the day could have you clearing up your desk and dusting up here and there, but by the end of the day you might find yourself having played a range of different roles in your business, from being your own personal assistant to acting as an entire marketing team and emailing prospects, or even pushing sales yourself. Continue reading “Basic Technical Skills Every Business Owner Should Have”

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