Konfeo.com – a new quality of a conference

Organizing a conference takes significant effort – sometimes it is difficult to collect a list of participants and other important information. Compliance with deadlines, organizing meetings – all of it can be much easier for all of us – Konfeo system is a new application that will help you to organize a good conference. Konfeo is a great application for organizing various types of events. Conferences, staff – training workshops, business negotiations – all of this will be very simple now.

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Effective Options to Avoid Investing with Limited Capital

For any start-up, possessing plenty of initial capital is a must to help get your SME up and running without encountering any problems early on. Investing with limited capital can lead to all sorts of issues, from an unbalanced cash flow to struggles when it comes to paying for resources, staff or dealing with any unexpected costs that may pop up. If your SME is currently working with limited capital, there are a few ways to avoid this and the pitfalls that it can bring. Continue reading “Effective Options to Avoid Investing with Limited Capital”

What Is the Process To Launch a Freelance Business?

People start new freelance businesses every day. If you have found a profitable niche and have the clients to start your own business, you first want to follow the proper legal procedures. Doing so ensures you don’t get hit with unexpected fines or taxes in the future.

Register Your Business Name

If you use any name other than your legal given name to conduct business, you need to register your business name with your local government. This typically requires you to apply for an EIN on a website such as IRS-EIN-Tax-ID. Registering your preferred business name also ensures that no other business within the state can operate under the same name.

Obtain Required Licenses and Permits

Every business requires some type of license or permit to operate. If you will be working out of your home, you probably need a general business license and home occupancy permit. If you won’t operate out of your home, the types of permits you need will depend on local legislation and the type of business you run. It is important to obtain your documents before you begin serving clients.

Complete a W-9 Form When Appropriate

Each time you start work with a new client, you will likely need to complete a W-9 form. This document acts as a formal certification that you provided your client with the proper tax ID. If you are a sole proprietor, this may be your social security number. However, many people choose to apply for a Federal tax ID for the additional benefits.

Pay Your Business Taxes

Many freelancers mistakenly believe they only need to file taxes on April 15, but the reality is that freelance businesses should pay estimated taxes every quarter. Each year, you may also receive 1099s from your clients if they paid you more than $600. Use it for reference when you report your annual income.

If you are ready to begin operation of your freelance business, you must first secure your EIN number in Colorado. To get started, contact IRS EIN Tax ID Filing Services for help.

Websites, Resources, and Blogs To Follow For Helpful Business Finance Information

If you’d like to give your business the best chance to succeed, you have to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to finances. And working with money and accounting is not something that comes naturally to everybody. In fact, it can feel rather specialized. Continue reading “Websites, Resources, and Blogs To Follow For Helpful Business Finance Information”

4 Reasons to Book a Serviced Apartment When You Attend a Conference

Whether preparing a paper or brushing up on the panellists, you’ll have plenty of things to think about when you’re attending a conference. On top of that, you’ll have to find the right accommodation. For most people, that means looking for a hotel, but there are actually quite a few advantages that come with booking a serviced apartment instead. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Book a Serviced Apartment When You Attend a Conference”

How to Rescue a Failing Business

A business in a state of jeopardy is always going to require the making of difficult decisions, even more so if the owner has direct involvement in its day to day running. It can be an emotional process which is why any decisions made should be well thought through to assess their impact. Continue reading “How to Rescue a Failing Business”

Is Single Sign-On Right for Your Business?


Many businesses are switching towards a single sign-on solution for their online platforms. But what is Single sign-on, and how do you know whether it’s the right solution for your organisation?

What is Single Sign On?

Single sign-on, also known as SSO, is a system whereby individuals are able to use the same log in details (username, password, answers to questions etc) to access multiple platforms. Single sign on solutions mean that you don’t need a separate username and password for everything you log in to, and allows you to switch from one platform to another without the hassle of having to go through a sign in process.

Advantages of Single Sign On

Easier Collaboration: Rapid transfer of information between parties is crucial for collaboration between partnered firms. With a system of single sign on in place, it becomes much easier for businesses to engage in efficient collaboration. Different business will often make use of different platforms, and so the ability that SSO gives collaborators to smoothly switch from one platform to another is invaluable here. In addition, oversight becomes easier, as management of authentication is centralised.

Lower Assistance Costs: The majority of issues that help desks have to process are requests for password reset. Having multiple passwords makes it much easier for people to forget them. The need to reset so frequently wastes time, and the costs can quickly mount. The increase in security engendered by moving towards stronger authentication systems has made the burden on help desks even greater, and this trend is unsustainable. Moving to SSO will allow for an increase in security without intensifying the strain on help desk services.

Happier Customers and Employees: Having to remember and accurately enter a large number of different usernames and passwords when switching between platforms is not a pleasant experience for your customers or your employees. Switching to an SSO based system will improve both customer and employee satisfaction. Having a less burdensome sign-in process could be the little nudge that you need to put your business above the rest.

Disadvantages of Single Sign-On

Questions About Security: The obvious downside to implementing SSO is a potential weakening of security. If you only need one set of log in credentials for all your platforms, then the theft of this information could result in all of your platforms being compromised in one fell swoop. One way to get around this is to implement two factor authentification, where a second element such as a fingerprint scan or a code generated by a PIN sentry is required in addition to the password.

Data Protection Worries: Unless you plan to handle your SSO completely in-house, which is not really feasible for most companies, implementing such a system will involve placing a large amount of trust in a third party. This might not be an issue, especially if the third party organisation has better security capabilities than your own firm, but it is worth being cautious nonetheless.

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