One of the most important actions you can take during your international expansion is to hire a solid team of employees. They’re the people who will work to make your business a success in your target country, and they’ll be the face of your company in this new market. However, finding the right employees and ensuring that your company is compliant in its hiring and human resources practices can be challenging. Here’s what to consider as you set up your business abroad and go through the hiring process, so you can make your global growth as seamless as possible.

Should I hire locally or send someone over?

When deciding whether to hire someone local to your target region or move one of your current employees, you must consider the requirements of the position. If you need someone who speaks the local language and already has a presence in the community, hiring from the region’s talent pool might be the way to go. If implementing established structures and systems are a priority for your business, sending one of your senior staff over – someone who knows the company inside and out – could allow for stability from the outset.

Do I need to carry out due diligence during the hiring process? 

During a business sale, the prospective buyer always conducts due diligence to make sure that the investment they are making is a sound one. The same concept applies to hiring, particularly when you’re moving into an unfamiliar market. Your employee is someone you’ll invest time, energy and money into, so you should check that they are a good choice for your company. Looking into a potential employee’s qualifications and background can save you from costly bad hires, compliance mistakes and even security issues down the line.

What visas and permits will my employees need?

Visa and work permit requirements vary from country to country, andit’s of the utmost importance that you ascertain exactly which documents your hires will need. Be sure to give your employees ample time to arrange these documents, as any complications can cause delays that set your business back financially. 

What do I need to include in an employment contract?

Different countries have different stipulations that must be included in employment contracts – the employment contract needed for your new market may vary widely from the one you use at home, and non-compliance could put you in violation of the local law.

Hiring is a complex part of the expansion process. Between finding the right candidate, ensuring that they can legally work for you and sorting out employment contracts and HR compliance, it’s often a good idea to employ a consultant to help you meet all the necessary requirements. An international expansion concierge service like Galvin International can advise you on hiring locally, draw up and implement employment contracts and walk you through each step of your expansion. Through preparation and professional guidance, you can set up the team that will help your business reach new heights in a new market.

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