Top reasons Brits love owning their own businesses

With more than five million private sector businesses in the UK (according to House of Commons Library) and the rapid growth of digital opportunities to advertise and promote brands, it seems easier than ever to launch your own business. Continue reading “Top reasons Brits love owning their own businesses”

Starting your own customer goods company: what to expect

The rise of digital platforms and people opting to shop online has made it much easier for start-ups to break into the market. Now, there’s less of a need for renting a high street property, and sites such as YouTube and Facebook have provided free advertising that makes the cost of promoting a brand more affordable. Continue reading “Starting your own customer goods company: what to expect”

How to Start a Pool Cleaning and Service Company

While pools are wonderful, they can be complicated to manage and maintain. A pool needs to have the correct levels of chlorine and other chemicals. This chemical balance kills bacteria and other germs while not harming human skin. Pools also need to be cleaned and treated to prevent the buildup of algae. The filtration system needs to be treated regularly as well. Many of these steps are services that people pay professionals to do. With pool maintenance such an important part of safe pool owning, here are some steps that can be taken to start a pool cleaning and servicing company. Continue reading “How to Start a Pool Cleaning and Service Company”

8 tips to successfully bootstrap a startup

“Ideas are easy. Implementation is hard.” – Guy Kawasaki

You have a wonderful idea that is going to change lives. However, it’s not easy to get someone to fund your dream, especially when you have just started. You need to prove the potential of the idea, and most of the time, the fund to do so comes from your own pocket.  If you decide to finance your dream, here are 8 useful tips. Continue reading “8 tips to successfully bootstrap a startup”

Why London Is a Favorite Destination for Start-Up Business

Image Credit : Pixabay

Though it is developing later than Silicon Valley, London is a major center for entrepreneurs and leads Europe in start-ups. The vibrant city full of culture and origination assists companies with getting off the ground and creating viable business opportunities. Continue reading “Why London Is a Favorite Destination for Start-Up Business”

Practical Guide To Starting a Successful Business

Many people dream of starting a business but might not really know how to do so. After all, it’s more than just making a profit, it involves deciding on what product or service to offer that can appeal to the public as well as making that business grow and obtain stability. There are a lot more factors to consider in starting a business and making it successful, but it all starts with the resolve to get started. Continue reading “Practical Guide To Starting a Successful Business”

Why Every Startup Needs Professional Office Space

When you are just starting out in business, one of the most important things you can do is to focus on brand. In fact, many highly successful entrepreneurs say that building brand should be the main focal point of your early days. Once you have built a name that is trusted and easily recognisable, everything else should begin to fall in place. This is why you need professional office space, if for no other reason. Image is everything and so it is vital to present your company in such a way that it will inspire trust. However, image is just the beginning. There are other important reasons why you need office space as well. Continue reading “Why Every Startup Needs Professional Office Space”

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