How much is downtime costing our businesses?

As the saying goes, time is money — a phrase that is especially relevant to businesses. Given our growing technological dependence, one minor misconfiguration or full-scale system failure can lead to significantly reduced productivity — or worse still, complete business shutdown. Continue reading “How much is downtime costing our businesses?”

DCS Multiserve – Accents in recruitment and employment

From Geordie to Scouse, the UK ranges in different types of accents. But what are the attitudes towards these type of accents and what impact do have on employment? Continue reading “DCS Multiserve – Accents in recruitment and employment”

What does it take to be a financial leader?

For good or evil, money makes the world go around. However, in addition to that concept, husbandry, or the way that resources are managed, is part of the reason that the above statement is true. In other words, the way that money benefits individuals, businesses, and society as a whole depends on the financial acuity and experience of those who understand how money should be used. More specifically, financial acuity is at the root of why some financiers can look at an investment and know whether or not it is a wise one, in addition to knowing how to weather economic storms that might affect their own income. Financial leadership skills can be attained not only from an education that requires the study of financial markets but also, more importantly, from work experience. Continue reading “What does it take to be a financial leader?”

The post-digital generation: team building

Otherwise known as Generation Z, the post-digital generation were born between the mid-1990s and 2010. Unlike the baby boomers, this generation grew up through trying financial times and a lack of stability. Impact International, specialists in leadership development, explores the differences between how Gen Z feel towards teamwork and the workplace within a digital landscape. Continue reading “The post-digital generation: team building”

3 Big Benefits For Cross-Training Employees

Within your company, everyone has a job to do. If you’re lucky and your employees know what they’re doing, hopefully your company functions very efficiently with everyone doing their own job. But if something happens and someone isn’t able to do their job, how would your company respond? Would there be a major holdup that would have to be worked through quickly yet not seamlessly? Or would you be able to pick up right where you left off without even batting an eye? If you fear your answer might be the first, you may want to consider cross-training your employees. To further convince you, here are three big benefits for cross-training within your company. Continue reading “3 Big Benefits For Cross-Training Employees”

Digital Tools And Software That Every Business Should Have

Regardless, if you are running a small or large business, you will be faced with some of the same obstacles. Certain software and tools available can help both small and large businesses overcome these obstacles. The only problem is that some of these tools can be incredibly expensive. This might not be a problem for larger businesses, but it could place the tools out of reach for smaller and less wealthy businesses. Continue reading “Digital Tools And Software That Every Business Should Have”

WiFi and productivity: how is BYOD culture changing the workplace?

Over the last decade, WiFi has revolutionised the ways that we work and live. During working hours, employees can remain connected to the internet, emails, and social media until they go home – without having to be tied down to a desktop computer. Continue reading “WiFi and productivity: how is BYOD culture changing the workplace?”

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