How to trade the synthetic pair like the pro trader

The retail forex traders are always trading the major pairs. Since the price of the major pair is much more stable it’s relatively safe for the retail investors. But some expert professional in the United Kingdom trade the synthetic pairs and make a huge amount of money in every single month. Those who are completely new to this trading profession might not understand about the cross or synthetic pair trading. Any currency pair which missing the U.S dollar is known as a cross or synthetic pair. For example GBP, EURJPY, GBPCHF etc. The price movement of the cross pair extremely wild and if you make a small mistake, you have to lose a big sum of money. However, if you still want to learn cross pair trading this article will give you a clear guideline how to trade the synthetic pair like the expert UK traders. Continue reading “How to trade the synthetic pair like the pro trader”

Handling Your Taxes as a Small Business Owner

Managing your tax affairs as a sole trader may seem like an insurmountable task if you’re new to the world of business. The good news is that small business tax is easier than you might think. If you keep clear records and your business is mostly UK focused then you should find that your accounts are easy to file. Continue reading “Handling Your Taxes as a Small Business Owner”

All You Need To Know About Taking Out A Mortgage

We all have to go through the experience of buying our very first home, and while it can seem easy for some, others find it very challenging. Sourcing the right mortgage is a task in itself, and with that in mind, here are some very useful advice for those who are about to set foot on the property ladder. Continue reading “All You Need To Know About Taking Out A Mortgage”

Ways to finance your business expansion

If you’re considering business expansion, that’s usually a good sign.

At the very least, it indicates that you are confident enough in the future prospects of your business to justify investing further capital into it.  Continue reading “Ways to finance your business expansion”

What Effect Could a Trade War Have on the Forex Market?

Since the start of 2018 fears have heightened that the world could be set for a potential trade war to develop. Most of the signs that this could be the case are coming out of the USA, with signals ranging from protectionist steel and aluminium tariffs to President Trump tweeting that ‘trade wars are good’. There are other potential trade wars that could break out as well, with these having an impact on the forex market and traders in many ways.     Continue reading “What Effect Could a Trade War Have on the Forex Market?”

Why Long-Term Thinkers Have Better Finances

Image Pixabay

Having a long-term approach rather than seeking instant gratification helps in so many areas of life. Here are just a few ways that developing a long-term attitude concerning your cash will work in the interests of your money. Continue reading “Why Long-Term Thinkers Have Better Finances”

Can You Get Bonded with Bad Credit?

In 2018, the number of different trades that consider surety bond as an industry-standard is ever-growing. Contractors, liquor retailers, auto dealerships, collection agencies and travel agencies all need surety bonds. Nonetheless, the list goes on and on, which is why, nowadays, even private schools and auctioneers may be required to acquire one. Continue reading “Can You Get Bonded with Bad Credit?”

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