6 Promising Statistics About Promotional Items

You might think that giving away promotional items isn’t worth the cost. After all, you’re paying for items that are then given away without any direct promise of future business. However, there’s more than one reason why promotional items remain a popular branding opportunity. When you get right down to it, the studies more than support the use of promotional items. Continue reading “6 Promising Statistics About Promotional Items”

Post-GDPR: the dangers of your office paper

Whether you’re a business operating in or outside of Europe, you’ve probably come into contact with the General Data Protection Regulation otherwise known as GDPR. Although this legislation has been enforced by the European Parliament, it will continue to impact businesses around the world that have relationships with European consumers. Continue reading “Post-GDPR: the dangers of your office paper”

Kickstart Your Business: 4 Sources of Funding for Startups

Funding can often be the reason a great idea for a fledgling business never makes it beyond the seed stage. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way.

Now, more than ever, startup companies have access to funding globally. However, you have to know how to market yourself as more than just a beginning entrepreneur, since your first impression means a lot.

When you are ready to make a presentation that knocks the socks off of your potential investor, here are four sources of funding for startups to get you…well…started! Continue reading “Kickstart Your Business: 4 Sources of Funding for Startups”

Game-Changing Technologies in the World of Business

With the ever-changing world of tech there is no wonder that businesses are fighting over who gets to try out what first. One piece of new tech can literally propell a new business to staggering heights. Of course, it is not easy to get to these cutting-edge novelties first, but following the trends carefully and keeping up with the change can be detrimental for  the success of a company. So here to keep you in the loop are some of the game-changing technologies that are taking over the business world. Continue reading “Game-Changing Technologies in the World of Business”

What is a corporate lawyer?

Corporate law is considered to be one of the best areas of law have a career in.

The role can be challenging but varied and corporate lawyers work with a range of businesses from multinational corporations to small businesses or even government/regulatory bodies.

What does a corporate lawyer do?

As a corporate lawyer, your portfolio of work will be hugely varied, but will generally include: acting on mergers and acquisitions, looking at the restructuring of corporate entities, hiving-off of unprofitable sections and potentially helping clients secure finance. Continue reading “What is a corporate lawyer?”

How to Take Advantage of Being an Early Adopter

When you first set up in business, it’s likely that you will be using the newest, most developed technologies available that will help you operate with speed and efficiency. However, it doesn’t take long for systems to become outdated and need upgrading or replacing. At that stage, you may be so immersed in the process of marketing your offering and building up your sales and reputation, that upgrading or replacing systems that could be improved upon may be taking a back seat. While you don’t want to be constantly changing your systems or taking on technologies that offer no concrete benefits, it’s also a mistake to allow yourself to get left behind. Continue reading “How to Take Advantage of Being an Early Adopter”

Risk and reward: the world’s most difficult markets

Investing abroad can bring lots of benefits to a trader, not least because it means diversity for the portfolio and a chance to break into markets that haven’t yet been fully tapped. However, there are also downsides: the regulatory environment in some places makes it next to impossible for an international trader used to the relatively nimble frameworks of Britain to break through, for example, while other markets may have tempting returns on offer only for them to face a wipeout risk through currency fluctuations. With this in mind, here are three appealing yet tough international markets for brave investors to consider.

Continue reading “Risk and reward: the world’s most difficult markets”

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