Waste removal needn’t be a chore for businesses or domestic homeowners, and is also an excuse to de-clutter as well as ensuring rubbish is recycled in an environmentally friendly way. Many people panic at the prospect of organising rubbish removal especially if there is a lot of it. However, with a systematic approach you can ensure that everything goes smoothly and different types of items are categorised correctly. Using a professional waste company will take a lot of the stress out of trying to remove rubbish single-handedly, and waste removal firms such as Waste Express offer an unbelievably fast and efficient service, often available the same day if required.

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Retail supply chain: pioneered by technology

It can’t be denied that technology is becoming of greater significance to the retail sector – especially with the world becoming more digitally driven each day. But how has it affected the supply chain specifically? Read on as we explore how technology has transformed and helped businesses maximise their supply chain efficiency, including making deliveries speedier and keeping up with fluctuating consumer demands. Continue reading “Retail supply chain: pioneered by technology”

Keep your business powering through a power cut

There’s been a number of power cuts in the UK this year, with the unpredictable weather and climate change both being cited as potential causes. Thorpe Park was badly hit in July, which left thrill-seekers trapped on rollercoaster rides during the sizzling heatwave. Meanwhile, in Cambridgeshire, more than 15 power cuts sparked in 24 hours at the end of July. It is thought that the cuts were caused due to the after-heatwave lightning storms.

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Brand Your Paper Bags with Water Based Inks to Stay Eco-Friendly

There are plenty of materials available for shopping bags, but businesses and consumers alike continue valuing paper bags for their eco-friendly credentials. Paper bags are made from 100% natural products and can biodegrade and be recycled, so they’re a natural choice when you want to be good to the planet. Continue reading “Brand Your Paper Bags with Water Based Inks to Stay Eco-Friendly”

How did the Health and Safety at Work Act come into place? How is it shaping the way businesses run now?

Receiving substantial penalties are a possibility if your business fails to carry out legislations laid out by the British Government in which Health and Safety is concerned. Such legislations ensure that your staff are considered and that they are not at risk of any possible dangers whilst at work in your control. Continue reading “How did the Health and Safety at Work Act come into place? How is it shaping the way businesses run now?”

Paper-Canvas-Woven: What are your reusable bag Options?

There are many different options when it comes to reusable bags, and they will suit different types of customers. Depending on price, intended use and location some bags may be more suitable to certain people than others. Here is all you need to know about the three main types of reusable bags. Continue reading “Paper-Canvas-Woven: What are your reusable bag Options?”

London Logistics – 5 Ways To Benefit From Coworking Space As A London-based Business

Image: https://www.brighousecomputers.co.uk//wp-content/uploads/2011/07/Depositphotos_1787811_original-copy.jpg 

While London rents are still low, the cost in overhead to manage an office is still very high for a fledgeling business. To compete, many businesses are finding alternative ways to balance finding reasonable office space in prime locations. Fortunately for many business owners in London, the coworking space is the perfect fit out for your business. Continue reading “London Logistics – 5 Ways To Benefit From Coworking Space As A London-based Business”

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