Top 5 Promotional Merchandise Items in Brand Marketing

Think of modern marketing and you will immediately think of the importance of digital channels. After all, digital platforms, whether social media, YouTube or websites offer companies the chance to reach potentially huge vast audiences, offering affordable scale and reach that many physical forms of print and promotional marketing can’t come close to.

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Why should start-ups take advantage of print marketing?

Despite the rumours and the attitudes in the world of business, print is not dead! Whilst many companies are making a transition towards a more digitally focused marketing strategy, they could be missing out on the benefits that still exist for the traditional method of print marketing, as they get carried away with the digital craze. Continue reading “Why should start-ups take advantage of print marketing?”

Kick start your companies new approach to marketing

If you own your own business, you may come across a time where things go a bit quiet and you’re not as busy as what you’re used to. This is all part and parcel of owning your own business, as things won’t always go in your favour. It’s important to keep on top of your marketing plan all year round, but sometime you may need to focus on it more than usual. If you find that the financial side of the business is fairly quiet, as well as work, then it may be ideal to focus on how you’re marketing your company. Continue reading “Kick start your companies new approach to marketing”

Is marketing worth the investment?

Google’s Car Purchasing Report in April 2017 showed that £115.9 million was invested in marketing strategies, both online and print, by UK car dealers in 2016.

Of course, car manufacturers have a large marketing budget to hand, which not all companies might have. Plus, with the increased crowd of companies on online platforms, digital marketing isn’t cheap. But is it worth its price tag? Together with Volkswagen service providers, Vindis, we take a look further. Continue reading “Is marketing worth the investment?”

Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry

Corporate marketing is one of those industries which seem to operate under the radar. It’s a huge industry nevertheless, even though it appears to be hidden from plain sight. Basically how it works is that employed professionals with confirmed classifications into the appropriate salary brackets they fall make for a highly targeted demographic of potential clients with proven spending power. Continue reading “Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry”

Exploring Forecast Fashion Industry Digital Trends with Mediaworks

In the true spirit of what our original mission and aim was all about, we bring you some invaluable, practical information that can really help you take your business to where you want it to be and where it has the potential to be. This time our focus is on the fashion industry, specifically targeting fashion retailers, brands and any key player presiding over any form of digital marketing within the fashion industry. Continue reading “Exploring Forecast Fashion Industry Digital Trends with Mediaworks”

Increasing the odds of customers buying your products

In the retail and ecommerce sectors of business, getting people to buy your products is obviously very important. If no one buys you products and all just browse your wares then you won’t be making much profit. To ensure do convert from prospects to customers, it is important that you make products appealing to incentivise people to buy them. The appeal can come from many different aspects like the visuals, the value or something completely detached from the product itself.   Continue reading “Increasing the odds of customers buying your products”

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