5 Reasons to Expand Your Small Business Outside Europe

Since the announcement of Brexit in 2016, businesses have been concerned about access to the European single market. Now, with less than a year until the deadline, Theresa May has stated once and for all what we already expected – that the UK will have less access to European markets. Continue reading “5 Reasons to Expand Your Small Business Outside Europe”

How Blockchain Technology could revamp the Legal Industry.

In an interview for ‘The Lawyer’ in 2017, Janvi Patel (the co-founder and chairwoman of Halebury law firm) suggested that the future of the legal services would be powered by technology.

When asked what was holding in-housers back from exploring new technologies, she said: ‘understanding your team’s requirements’ and ‘external spend’ ‘to understand which technology would be most useful’. She also claimed that ‘nobody likes change’’, ‘heads of legal and G’s [need to] change their mindset so that they embrace change’’. Continue reading “How Blockchain Technology could revamp the Legal Industry.”

How to Be a Successful Forex Trader

There is a lot of buzz on line about Forex trading, and if you are already in the online trading game you have most definitely come across this term more than once. In case you are interested in joining numerous successful Forex traders out there, you should consider going over some of the key point that make up this type of trading and including them in your long term plans. Continue reading “How to Be a Successful Forex Trader”

5 Tips for Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

Online, you will find a lot of tips, guides and suggestions on how to make your content go viral. The truth is that there is no method that works 100 percent of the time. On the other hand, you don’t need to become an internet sensation in order to boost your brand image or slightly improve your sales. All you need is to learn how to engage your audience a bit more efficiently. This, however, is not nearly as complex as you might have assumed. Therefore, here are five tips for engaging your audience on social media. Continue reading “5 Tips for Engaging Your Audience on Social Media”

Why Should You Look for a Laptop-Friendly Workspace?

Plenty of hotels have small tables and a single uncomfortable chair, but it’s becoming increasingly common to look for smaller hotels or boutique serviced apartments that provide a laptop-friendly workspace. They should put comfortable seats and large working areas at your disposal, so a laptop-friendly workspace should be seen as vital if you’re going to be working from your accommodation instead of simply using it as a base to see the sights. Continue reading “Why Should You Look for a Laptop-Friendly Workspace?”

Businesses That Stand the Test of Time

There are so many stats about how many businesses fail which I could quote right now, but we’re more about exploring solutions as opposed to highlighting problems here. So to counteract what is generally a negative approach to reporting on the non(success) of new businesses, I’m going to bring into focus some of the key characteristics which have become apparent from our observation of those businesses that have stood the test of time. Continue reading “Businesses That Stand the Test of Time”

4 Reasons to Include a Tie Loop with Your Custom Tie

A tie loop, which is sometimes called a ‘keeper’, sits behind the wide section of your tie. When you put on the garment, you slip the narrow end through it to prevent it coming loose. It’s the sort of thing you might forget to include with your order of custom ties, but the simple tie loop comes with quite a few advantages, and here are just four. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Include a Tie Loop with Your Custom Tie”

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