Brexit Implications on EU Renewable Energy Prospects

There was a time when innovation in business meant the invention of something completely new which the world had never seen before, such as the turbine generator amongst many others. These days however there doesn’t seem to be much by way of innovation. Anything which is referred to as innovative these days is a new app or different version of an existing website concept. Continue reading “Brexit Implications on EU Renewable Energy Prospects”

How to Become a Super Affiliate Seller

If I’ve discussed this topic before then consider this a follow-up for emphasis. So many people are missing out on what can be the extremely lucrative world of affiliate selling, quite simply because they’re armed with the wrong information and are approaching this whole affiliate marketing thing wrong. So I’m going to go through some basics which I understand can be quite hard to get one’s head around on the back of so much contradictory information about affiliate marketing. Continue reading “How to Become a Super Affiliate Seller”

Why Construction Firms are Worried by a Hard Brexit

After the UK voted in favour of leaving the EU in its historic referendum back in June 2016, many industries have been plunged into uncertainty. The construction sector is one of these, with the possibility of a hard Brexit worrying the bosses at many UK firms. Until Article 50 is triggered and negotiations get underway for the UK to begin actually exiting the EU, a lot of uncertainty will remain. Many construction companies are already looking at solutions in advance, such as construction financing from Touch Financial to protect against these future concerns.   Continue reading “Why Construction Firms are Worried by a Hard Brexit”

Two Things Every Home Business Needs

There are plenty of things a big business needs, but when you work from home you can sometimes miss the fact that your home business runs nearly the same as one in any brick and mortar location. If you want your small business that you’re running out of your home to have a chance to run with the big dogs you need to treat it like it’s like every other business out there because it is. Continue reading “Two Things Every Home Business Needs”

How IT is a driver of efficiencies for In-house lawyers

By improving processes with the use of suitable IT, managers of legal teams will be better equipped to run their department smoothly and competently whilst under pressure.

When workloads increase, and when speedy and accurate organisation and access to relevant information is key to a successful outcome, IT comes into its own. Continue reading “How IT is a driver of efficiencies for In-house lawyers”

The Difference between a Gambler and a Calculated Risk-Taker

Who would have ever thought that something like the inside of a casino would have quite a few lessons in finances to teach us? Well the gambling industry certainly has some good financial lessons to teach us — financial lessons which we can apply to our personal financial lives and indeed to the finances of our business endeavours. It takes a keen eye to spot the various indicators of those lessons however, one of which indicator is a comparison between two different types of people who enjoy gambling. Continue reading “The Difference between a Gambler and a Calculated Risk-Taker”

Turning Browsers into Paying Customers: 6 Tips for Successfully Converting Your Website

Having a website for your business is an integral piece of your whole business plan, particularly if you sell product or services online. Whether you have an existing website or you’re planning on building your own with the Wix website builder template, there are a few things you should make sure you don’t overlook when making your visitors into paying customers.

Continue reading “Turning Browsers into Paying Customers: 6 Tips for Successfully Converting Your Website”

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