When might your business need an audit?

In the UK, companies must have their annual accounts audited each year, except in certain circumstances, so it may be time you put one an audit into action for your company if you haven’t done so already.   Continue reading “When might your business need an audit?”

Per Diem vs. Actual Cost: Which Is Better For Your Business?

Even when you rely on the very best in AP automation software and technology, there are decisions that need to be made. One of the primary and foundational decisions when it comes to expense management and related policies is whether you’ll enact a per diem or actual cost model. You may implement one or the other, or vary the model you use depending on the situation. Continue reading “Per Diem vs. Actual Cost: Which Is Better For Your Business?”

How to encourage negotiation in the workplace

Encouraging negotiation in your workplace is crucial if you want it to engage your colleagues and create a positive working environment in which everyone can contribute their ideas. So encourage better negotiation skills in your organisation by embracing a few of these ideas:    Continue reading “How to encourage negotiation in the workplace”

Have You Considered Knitted Corporate Ties?

Knitted ties are something of a new kid on the block. The idea might sound slightly odd at first, but these close-knit ties aren’t the sort of thing you might imagine your grandmother making when she gets bored. Instead, they’re cool and stylish, and you might want to consider ordering knitted ties if you’re looking to enhance your current corporate wear. Continue reading “Have You Considered Knitted Corporate Ties?”

DCS Multiserve – Accents in recruitment and employment

From Geordie to Scouse, the UK ranges in different types of accents. But what are the attitudes towards these type of accents and what impact do have on employment? Continue reading “DCS Multiserve – Accents in recruitment and employment”

Tips on how to go about EPL Soccer Betting

The betting markets have always been up for covering the English Premier League. Much of the energy and time that have been spent around this market have mostly been shared by Premier League betters. You may check out a few of the big names in the betting industry and you’ll soon find out how many of the promotions and markets have actually grown and evolved around this league. Continue reading “Tips on how to go about EPL Soccer Betting”

What does it take to be a financial leader?

For good or evil, money makes the world go around. However, in addition to that concept, husbandry, or the way that resources are managed, is part of the reason that the above statement is true. In other words, the way that money benefits individuals, businesses, and society as a whole depends on the financial acuity and experience of those who understand how money should be used. More specifically, financial acuity is at the root of why some financiers can look at an investment and know whether or not it is a wise one, in addition to knowing how to weather economic storms that might affect their own income. Financial leadership skills can be attained not only from an education that requires the study of financial markets but also, more importantly, from work experience. Continue reading “What does it take to be a financial leader?”

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