7 Fundamental Rules for the Perfect Pack and Move


Packing up your possessions and relocating to a new home is something that most people will go through in their lifetime. This experience can bring on a variety of emotions, from excitement to heartbreak. The feeling that we can all relate too is the grief of packing your whole life into a few boxes and into the back of a truck. Continue reading “7 Fundamental Rules for the Perfect Pack and Move”

5 Reasons Why a Working Capital Loan Can Be a Good Choice For Your Business


Being at the head of a small business is a big responsibility. You are in charge of your own livelihood as well as those of your staff. When others depend on you for their paycheques, sound finances are crucial. The financial challenges facing small business in today’s economy are often the biggest difficulty facing any owner. One must carefully keep track of daily expenses, payroll costs, and other outflowing cash. Meanwhile, it is critical to continue maintaining a focus on developing your business. Creating independent revenue streams is your goal. That’s certainly easier said than done. Looking for ways to slash your operating expenses doesn’t always create sufficient savings. Rather than worrying about digging your business into a hole and closing due to a lack of operating funds, think about the benefits that come from securing a private working capital loan. Continue reading “5 Reasons Why a Working Capital Loan Can Be a Good Choice For Your Business”




One of the greatest writers of all times Charles Dickens wrote one of his best pieces ‘Bleak House’ around the drama of a last will and testament.


Why More and More Companies Are Choosing to Phone a Friend


As the demand for instant and constant streams of communication has grown over time, businesses have had to adapt to this ever increasing volume of calls, texts and voicemails.  Often, this can be too much for the in-house secretary, desk attendant or assistant.  Especially with larger companies, it is almost impossible to maintain a small group of dedicated customer service representatives without the workload becoming overwhelming.  This is why, in recent years, communication services have begun to pop up and offer a multitude of outside services to aid larger companies in dealing with the volume of customer relations that they have to monitor on a daily basis.  These businesses often assist secretaries and personal assistants in handling one mode of communication so that they are more open to handling other aspects of client communication and involvement.  Continue reading “Why More and More Companies Are Choosing to Phone a Friend”

A Different Approach to Financing Your Business Operations


When most people think of financing their business operations, be it a start-up venture or an expansion to an existing business, the very first source of funding that pops into mind is the bank. Turning to the banks isn’t a bad initiative at all, especially when you think about it from the point of view of the banks in terms of their approach to lending money for business owners. If a bank agrees to lend you money, what they’re essentially saying to you is that they truly believe that your business is going to be successful enough for them to get their money back with interest, as per the terms and conditions of the loan. As you may know by now, banks just don’t take risks with the money they lend out, which can often work out rather negatively for those business ideas which don’t fit into the traditional mould of what a traditional business is perceived to be. Continue reading “A Different Approach to Financing Your Business Operations”

Mastering Affiliate Marketing


If it’s done right, affiliate marketing can make for one of the most lucrative businesses to get into with the potentially huge profits largely driven by the fact that you don’t need all that much to get started. You don’t even need a marketing degree to be successful at affiliate marketing, but there’s a common misconception that it’s an easy business to get into and operate successfully. Continue reading “Mastering Affiliate Marketing”

You Are What You Say – Stop Using Annoying Workplace Clichés

50 Annoying Phrases You Hear at Work_UK (3)

While most people go into business simply because they can’t bear working under someone else for the average lifespan of a working career, some of the annoyances of the traditional workplace can follow you right into the business world. One such annoyance is a set of annoying sayings which have in a way become a major part of how people communicate with each other. You hear it when colleagues speak amongst each other, when persons in positions of authority address their subordinates or relay a set of instructions to them, and even during communication with clients, believe it or not. You might even unknowingly be using them yourself and that’s otherwise all good and well, but it may have you coming across as not being too knowledgeable about your area of business if you overdo it. In fact, it’s perhaps best to avoid using them at all. Continue reading “You Are What You Say – Stop Using Annoying Workplace Clichés”

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