How Do Small Businesses Benefit from Mobile Device Management?

Have you heard about Mobile Device Management (MDM)? If you are responsible for a small business, you really should have.

Essentially, MDM software allows a business or external IT support team to manage and secure an employee’s devices remotely. It doesn’t matter what service provider they are using or what kind of operating system their mobile device uses – you’ll still be able to enhance security and compliance policies, automate updates, install apps, and grant or deny access to your data. Continue reading “How Do Small Businesses Benefit from Mobile Device Management?”

Is Platform Model Right for your Business?

In recent years, we have seen an unprecedented growth of companies that have taken advantage of the platform model to succeed in their chosen industries. Such a model capitalizes on the creation of value through being able to facilitate exchanges in interdependent groups. Is it the right model for your business? Read on and find out. Continue reading “Is Platform Model Right for your Business?”

5 Tips for beginner investors

Investor analyzing stock market investments with financial dashboard holding a smartphone and with a computer screen

Your stars have lined up and you have finally hit that big win in playing online lottery. But where do you go from here? Chances are there are a million thoughts going through your mind. It’s hard enough to get your head around winning a big lump sum; but considering all the things you could do with the money is quite something different.

Continue reading “5 Tips for beginner investors”

Business Automation Through the Use of Conveyor Belts

Human labour used to be the pinnacle of efficiency in the manufacturing industry, until the conveyor belt was created. Unfortunately, though there was no alternative at the time, human interaction in the process meant the occasional injury and a degradation to product quality and inconsistency. Fortunately, the creation of conveyor belts took the human factor out of much of the equation, leading to vast improvements in efficiency, safety and the quality of manufacturing. Continue reading “Business Automation Through the Use of Conveyor Belts”

Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry

Corporate marketing is one of those industries which seem to operate under the radar. It’s a huge industry nevertheless, even though it appears to be hidden from plain sight. Basically how it works is that employed professionals with confirmed classifications into the appropriate salary brackets they fall make for a highly targeted demographic of potential clients with proven spending power. Continue reading “Exploring the Corporate Marketing Industry”

Is it possible to extend the lifespan of your smartphone?

According to The Consumer Electronics Association’s research carried out in 2015, the average smartphone lasts 4.7 years. However, a study by Kantar WorldPanel found that the average US smartphone user only wants to keep their device for 22 months before upgrading to a newer model.

But, do you want to keep your phone for longer than that? Here are some tips that could see your smartphone going strong and looking like new for many years to come… Continue reading “Is it possible to extend the lifespan of your smartphone?”

Positive Knowledge for Positive Business Movement

When it comes to maintaining positive business movement, continuing your education in a way that absorbs definite knowledge is always going to benefit you, the people around you, your business, and the clients and customers you come in contact with. As soon as you become stagnant in your desire to learn more about the business world, you will start to become less competitive.

Continue reading “Positive Knowledge for Positive Business Movement”

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